On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke and Detective Baker were in R.J.'s hospital room trying to find out what caused his car to run into a tree. Coco eventually admitted that she was texting while driving and everything hit the fan.

Texting and driving don't mix

Last week R.J. was trying to impress Coco and allowed her to drive his father's vehicle. Both teens were texting but Ms. Spectra was driving. During a moment of inattention, she almost hit another car. The teen swerved and Ridge Forrester's car ran into a tree. Coco was OK and called 911.

R.J., however, was knocked out cold. Brooke, Bill, and Ridge all came to the hospital but the men left after R.J. woke up.

On Monday's episode, Detective Baker was at the hospital questioning the teenagers. R.J. tried to put off the inquisition but Brooke and the Detective were relentless. Once Ms. Spectra told them that she lost focus because she was sending text messages, Detective Baker read her the riot act. He told both teens that texting while driving is illegal in California. He gives the statistics regarding teen driving ad texting then goes to file a report

The future for Coco and R.J.

Brooke also gives the teens a few choice words. She points out that Coco could have killed her son and tell the young couple it will be a while before they are allowed to drive again.

Coco apologizes over and over and acknowledges the seriousness of her actions. She promises never to text-and-drive again. She then called her sister Sally and told her to relay to Thomas that his younger brother was doing well.

The future for these star-crossed lovers just became more difficult. In addition to being from rival families, Coco and R.J.

will now have their every move watched. Between Ridge, Brooke, Thomas, and Sally these two will not even have space to breathe. There is also the issue of whether or not Detective Baker will file charges against Ms. Spectra. The Forrester family could pull some strings and have the charges dropped but they probably will not.

R.J. and Coco are only beginning their romance yet have so much baggage that could hold them down. Ridge and Brooke were showing compassion towards the young couple but now they will be protective of their son and limit his time with Ms. Spectra. It looks like this young couple may return to being star-crossed lovers on the show rather than having the blessing of both families.