trump proceeds under a darkening sky. See Donald moan. He moans that his glorious health care fiasco was ruined by a single Senator who happened to go on all the Sunday shows and trash his flawed bill.

He moans that Obamacare still exists and even gains some strength amid a continuing Trump assault. Trump has been moaning and bloviating and insulting and lying for a long time. It is getting boring and predictable. But he is still there and becoming a worse problem every day.

The Trump briar patch

Writing about Trump is like trying to walk through thick weeds.

There is little there that you want to preserve or memorialize. But when there is a piece like the one I am featuring and which you can see in full at the link below, the words begin to flow. Trumpcare was pronounced dead in this space on arrival There was a grim and futile effort to act for several months as though this verdict was wrong. It wasn't.

Now the tax bill is about to go down too

How can I be so sanguine about the likely fate of the Trump Tax Bill? Begin with the bribery it intends foist off on future generations if we survive that long. It is a debt balloon.

When we get around to whatever they are willing to put on paper and propose, we already know the bad news.

There will be a big, unnecessary and insulting wall. That will be a star on both sides of the coming binary dispute. Yes, let's take sides on the wall and have another month or so of idiot tweets.

And then comes feeding the military and the haves.

Bloated military

Consider more than $50 billion for the military extracted from the remnants of the government Trump is busily destroying. He is following the Bannon principle of deconstruction. This will subject us to great dangers and unforeseen emergencies. Talk about national security.

We could impeach Trump and be rid of him and the aftermath would still exist.

He has already broadcast the effects of his tax ideas.

Then, of course, the goodies for the rich

Rich people own lots of assets and in the US the rules favor hoarding. Let those stocks that have doubled sit there. Avoid capital gains

The best way to avoid taxes on stock profits is to die. So if we cannot invade our wealth we can do the next best thing, get a nice tax cut to keep the money coming in.

F. Scott Fitzgerald was wrong. The rich are like us They just have more of everything.

Oh yes, there will be more

We are in for months of tax talk and if I am right it will be full of sound and fury and signify nothing. This is because the notion of conservative reform is an oxymoron. Conservatives are incapable of anything that has to do with governing. Trumpcare will go down as a case study in malfeasance.

The tax debacle is coming.