If there was no Twitter the world would lose a big part of its current communications capacity. But the company has an inept Business Plan and has not figured out how to keep users, much less add them. So the best solution may be to agitate for a sale to a company that has shown capacity in the area of business. Google, now Alphabet, comes to mind.

A new owner needed

The purchaser should not be a trophy hunter. We want Twitter to succeed big time. The reason I believe Google makes sense with Microsoft also a possible buyer is that both these companies are search related.

So is Twitter. Google has the additional advantage of mega-success as a people's business. It has made its fortune by enabling ordinary people and ordinary businesses to build themselves using Adwords and Adsense.

These are not perfect companies but at least they recognize that if you are a User you want to pocket some of the proceeds. Twitter pockets the users and profits from them. My experience with its ads has been negligible and bad.

Facebook needs direct competition

The idea I have for Twitter under new management would be twofold.

First, each user would have a Facebook-like capacity to create a true utility for close friends, family, and associates. This would amount to a private preserve.

This would compete with Facebook. I might call it Username>Twitter>Home

Second, I would see the current Twitter profile as an area much like it is now except that the user could advertise there and others could place ads there as well. Profiles would become serious property for users.

Make profiles come first

With these two changes, Twitter could flourish almost overnight.

The investment would flow toward using Twitter Profiles as advertising venues using ads similar to those available on Google. A user could profit immensely by investing time and energy in building a following. There would be a capacity for targeting that would be attractive to folk who care about such things.

Give users a piece of the action

There would be no compulsion for a user to use either of the features I have suggested. Face it Twitter now is going nowhere. With a plan that could make it competitive with Facebook and with Google and Bing, it would recover its declining share value and begin to achieve a vastly more prominent position globally than it now has.

I have been on Twitter from almost the start. There is nothing about it that I hate and I am fully aware of its intrinsic importance in the scheme of things. But sometimes even big fish slip through the cracks. I would hate to see Twitter lost to some suitor that was looking for a trophy and had no idea what to do.