Friends, Kim Jong-un is so heavy that walking has become difficult for the guy. According to some South Korean spy briefings, he binges on food and drink to cope. The poor guy cannot Sleep At Night because he is paranoid someone will assassinate him. Go ahead and laugh. It’s funny.

North Korea’s big baby has insomnia

According to the national intelligence service, he weighed in at 90kb (198 lbs) in 2012. He now weighs a whopping 120kg (264.5 lbs). At 5’ 7” you can see that that is a lot of weight to carry on such a small frame. This is being attributed to his anxiety and fear over being assassinated.

Should anyone be shocked and/or dismayed that Kim Jong-un cannot sleep at night? I know I’m not. Of course, it’s obviously not a good idea to allow an unstable dictator that doesn’t sleep to begin an assembly line for nuclear weapons, but let’s not jump the gun here. Comparatively speaking, ‘Lil’ Un is still playing with slingshots.

Sticks and stones

North Korea boasts over a million active military personnel and almost 8 million in reserve. Every one of them is probably malnourished. They do have 3,500 battle tanks, 72 submarines, 563 combat aircraft, 302 combat helicopters, and 21,000 artillery pieces. That is an intimidating military, if you’re a mouse.

America spends over $600 billion a year on arms and other needs of the military.

We have nearly 8,000 nuclear warheads in reserve. We have almost 14,000 aircraft of varying makes, models, and uses. We have 920 attack helicopters and 72 submarines. The United States Army, Air Force and Marines’ accompaniment of land fighting vehicles is formidable, with nearly 9,000 battle tanks, 6,724 infantry fighting vehicles, 4,466 armored personnel carriers, and thousands of anti-aircraft weapons.

The United States Navy is a powerhouse that consists of 430 warships in service and reserve. I’ve mentioned in a previous article that we have an extensive global ballistic missile defense system. We have 800 military bases across the globe spanning 70 countries. There are more than 2,691 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in our arsenal.

Don’t poke the dragons

You don’t poke a beast unless you come to the fight with a little more than a stick with which to defend yourself. Otherwise, you better be paranoid. You’re playing a game you cannot possibly win.

Though, from what I can see, Kim Jong-un is like the petulant little brother that picks fights and expects big brother China’s prowess to protect him. I must admit, North Korea does have one of the most powerful militaries in the world. Yet, it still is just a slingshot compared to what America is packing.

Kim Jong-un is 33 now. His father died of a heart attack in 2011. He was in better shape than Jong-un, and probably less stressed. How long can Jong-un expect to keep this up?

I mean, it’s clear he’s only hurting 20 million North Koreans in the process. I’m sure that if he ever issued full metal jackets to his military, some patriot would surely take him down.

Crazy is as crazy does

In May, UN Secretary Nikki Haley said that Kim Jong-un was in a “state of paranoia." He has executed more than 300 people since he took over as dictator. Naturally, no one can or will offer a legitimate rebuttal. There is none. It has been established. There is more than one crazy man with his fingers on WMD’s. It’s not just Donald Trump.

As I try to do in every single one of my articles, I would like to bring your thoughts back around to the crux of our problem here in America. Donald Trump is destroying the fabric upon which our Constitution was written.

It is important that we pay close attention to the goings on in the rest of the world. It is paramount that we pay closer attention to the task at hand; protecting the integrity of the Oval Office, and ensuring the sanity of he who sits in it.