What have we turned into and how far are we willing to go to make money? That's the question a few have been asking themselves. But, as each year goes by, our society becomes more profit-oriented and things keep moving in that direction, no matter how hard we try to stop it from happening.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

The line between journalism and sensationalism blurred long ago. While conservative and right-wing social commentators and "journalists" like Alex Jones capitalize on the fact that the American public is disoriented and misinformed, mainstream media continues to monetize tragedy. Ethics have flown out the window, long ago -- it's all about clicks, ad revenue and satisfying the public's hunger for sensation, violence and blood. The world has never been safer, yet dark, toxic news are flooding every single news website and TV channel.

We are being manipulated by the media, but we are to blame too. Social media platforms, for example, are a great manifestation of our desires. The rapid development of these websites has shown us who and what we really are. News about parents exploiting their children for social media attention have hit the headlines countless times. Everyone seems to be obsessed with getting validation and attention from the outside world, rarely stopping to look around and see that what we are doing is wrong and immoral.

Social norms don't count when it comes to profit

As a society and as individuals, we are obsessed with conforming and fitting it. We have collectively fallen under the spell of social conditioning and every individual attempt of standing out among the faceless mass is judged and looked down upon.

This, however, does not seem to apply to tragedy. We are all OK with exploiting it for personal gain and we see nothing wrong with that.

Our society is going through a huge moral crisis and it seems like we are unable to control the most primitive of our urges. We are desperate for attention and money and we are not afraid to go as far as it takes to get those things.

In the process, we have managed to commercialize tragedy. That says a lot about the state our society is currently in.

Our collective consciousness is not yet equipped with the spiritual tools needed to handle everything that's happening in the hectic world around us. We are wandering, aimlessly, trying to find a way to dull our emotions, prostituting the most intimate things we have for validation, fame, attention and money.