Television, magazines, mass media - we are bombarded by information. Our brains lack the cognitive abilities to process it fully. We are being indoctrinated, left and right, on a daily basis. We are being manipulated with and taken advantage of. We are too busy chasing and spending money to pay attention to what matters. That is simply the way our society has been constructed. Is there a way to escape Social Conditioning and embark on a personal Spiritual Journey?

Unplugging from the matrix

If we can't change our society's architecture, can we change ourselves?

How do you unplug from the matrix? The world is a hectic, ever changing place and things like social media have become a substitute for a healthy human to human interaction and spiritual food for the weak-minded and egotistical. To unplug from the matrix doesn't mean to become a recluse - on the contrary, unplugging is setting yourself free.

We are socially conditioned to seek temporary pleasure. Escapism has become a way of life. Escapism disguised in hobbies, that is. This generation is obsessed with video games and comic books, virtual reality sets are sweeping the market, and we are desperately trying to substitute our lives with something better. It seems as if we are failing miserably.

Instead of letting technology make our lives easier and more convenient, we have let it dictate the way we behave and react to the world around us.

And instead of utilizing the widespread availability of information to educate ourselves, we have chosen to let it brainwash and indoctrinate us.

Modern-day slavery

There isn't a greater prison than the one we construct ourselves. Our bodies might be free, but our minds are not. Why are we here? Are we just running around? No, we are here to transform, create and contribute.

We have become slaves to social norms. Dare stick your neck out, and you will get shamed. Dare change yourself, and you will get ridiculed.

According to the Business Insider, 90% of media is owned by six companies. Our society is a pyramid, and we are at the bottom. To rise above means to conform and to conform means to fall under the spell of social conditioning.

We don't need a revolution, and we are not capable of a global societal evolution -- all one can do is change themselves and hope for the best.

A personal spiritual journey is the only journey you will never regret going on. And once you leave, there is no coming back.