It was reported on Saturday that according to confidential documents and the confirmation of Donald Trump Jr, his representatives and Jared Kushner himself that they did, in fact, meet with a Kremlin lawyer at Trump Tower on June 9 of last year. The meeting took place days before reports were released that the Democratic National Committee servers had been hacked by Russian hackers.

In a report by the New York Times, it reveals the Russian lawyer as Natalia Veselnitskaya who has a history of staging conventional campaign and propagandistic attacks against supporters of the Magnitsky Act, which was passed by the U.S.

Congress in 2012 to punish Russian officials involved in the death of Sergei Magnitsky.

Mark Corallo's position with President Trump

The article refers to a statement made by a spokesman for President Trump's lawyer who implied that the meeting with Veselnitskaya was a "set up" and that she and a translator had misrepresented who they were when they came to that meeting. Mark Corallo joined President Trump's communications team last month because they needed someone to help them handle the bad publicity that was piling up about this administration.

It's been reported that in fact, they were overwhelmed. Generally, it's been the role of Trump's personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz to handle the PR. But the group had been falling behind even more with the resignation of the communications director Michael Dubke in May.

Now, it's up to both Corallo and Kasowitz to take a dual leadership role of the communications team, creating a parallel to the official White House counsel Don McGahn.

Discrediting special counsel and Democrats

As the spokesman, Corallo moved on the New York Times story quickly and said that their communications team believe the whole meeting was made to create the appearance of improper connections between Trump and Russian officials.

In his statement, he also referred to the intelligence dossier which still resurfaces in hearings with U.S. officials and when in league with Robert Mueller's investigation. Corallo even went as far as to say that the person who sought the meeting with Donald Trump Jr, had some association with a firm that develops opposition research, which is "retained by Democratic operatives."

This is in line with President Trump's determination to discredit the special prosecutor's investigation by saying that many of those on Mueller's team donated to the Clintons.

Trump and his aides have been adamant about "Liberal" bias and have said that the accusations of Russian collusion are driven by Democrats for losing the 2016 presidential election. Mark Corallo went even further to make the connection that according to the information they've obtained, that the link to "Democratic operatives" puts the entire matter of Russia interference into question, implying that it was the Democrats who really interfered in the election.