Breaking news regarding mental health, suicide, and music icons tells us that musician and frontman Chester Bennington from Band Linkin Park has been announced dead, after hanging himself. Suicide is a horrible ordeal and must never be resorted to. Unfortunately, the suicide rate continues to rise even with resources to combat this growing problem.

Chester was talented

Bennington was part of the nu-metal group Linkin Park and created a set of iconic songs including “Numb,” “Somewhere I Belong” and “Crawling.” His voice was remarkably unique and his impact on music as a whole reaches far and wide.

Linkin Park came out with a new album and are currently on tour. They also had a collaboration planned with Martin Garrix, a well known EDM artist. Highly known for his loud, and rock vocals in songs like "Numb" and "What I've Done," Chester stood out from the crowd in the music industry. The band was also highlighted for the soundtrack of the first Transformers movie with the track "New Divide."

Alcohol and drugs

Chester Bennington was known for smoking and doing a fair share of drugs. Drugs and alcohol part of Chester's life. It is no coincidence that Chester's friend and fellow musician, Chris Cornell also recently committed suicide. Chester also admitted he turned to them after the divorce from his first wife Samanta Olit.

According to a report by eonline, Chester once said that "It's not cool to be an alcoholic -- it's not cool to go drink and be a dumbass...It's cool to be a part of recovery. This is just who I am, this is what I write about, what I do, and most of my work has been a reflection of what I've been going through in one way or another." It's sad to read this as Chester obviously went sober for some time, but it is possible that he relapsed.

Alcohol and drugs only mask your struggles and should never be the way to solve your problems.

Is suicide selfish?

Bennington leaves behind his wife of 12 years, former Playboy model Talinda Ann Bentley, and six children. So does this make Chester selfish? It is horrible that his family now has to recover and deal with his death, but at the same time lets think about this.

When a person decides to kill themselves they are not thinking about their family. They believe they are honestly better off not being in the world.

They believe they are a burden and their family will be better off. As bad and wrong as this is, it shows that people with mental illnesses are left in a dark space and mindset. This is why getting help, taking medication, going to therapy, and finding ways to get better is so important. The worst thing you can do is stay silent and resort to drugs and alcohol. It is important to note that many musicians and celebrities have resorted to suicide. The suicide rate for musicians is about three times the national average. Could it be the lifestyle of being a rockstar?