LeBron James is one of one of the best basketball players in this era. He had already proven himself on many occasions. For the last 14 years, numerous awards were already received. He had three rings on his fingers. He was voted Finals MVP three times and season MVP four times. His legacy in the NBA can no longer be questioned.

However, the same legacy that he painstakingly built could be in peril. He is risking everything because of his desire to win more championships. His achievements were being eclipsed by his reputation of being a ring chaser.

It is natural to show disappointment over their loss to the Golden State Warriors last season. But the rumors that he will leave the Cleveland Cavaliers again for the Los Angeles Lakers to chase another ring shows immaturity.

Marquee players hesitant to join him in Cleveland

LeBron James has still one season with the Cleveland Cavaliers before he hits free agency. Unfortunately, he will not guarantee his stay with the Cavaliers beyond the 2017 – 2018 season. This resulted in the difficulty for his team to attract marquee players to play with him this season. 12up reported that even his good friend Carmelo Anthony is hesitant to play with him in Cleveland. Melo fears that he might leave the team next year for the Lakers anyway.

Chris Paul, one of LeBron’s close friend in the NBA could have joined him in Cleveland. For some unknown reason, he chose the Houston Rockets over them. This writer is speculating that he has the same reason as Melo. Because of LeBron James’ impending departure, the team is hard pressed to attract caliber players. This could lead to another defeat in the finals against their nemesis Golden State Warriors in case they meet again for the fourth straight time.

Another season could be wasted for the Cavs this year.

Kyrie Irving asking to be traded

A disturbing development had just unfolded that could prove disastrous for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving, the team’s point guard and main back up to LeBron has requested team owner Dan Gilbert to be traded to another team. It was reported here in Blastingnews that he no longer wants to play with LeBron James.

He prefers San Antonio, Miami, Minnesota or New York as future destinations.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are spiraling downhill. They could possibly lose their two best players within the next two years. This could spell mediocrity for them in the days to come. They could literally find themselves at the bottom of the heap so to speak. This is a big blow towards their campaign to dethrone the Golden State Warriors this season.

LeBron James’ legacy at risk

LeBron James has almost everything that can be asked for. He has already three championship trophies under his belt. His team can dominate any team at will, except maybe the Warriors. He has the ears of almost the entire Cleveland Cavaliers organization.

He has everything under his thumbs.

It is strange that he would leave his team to chase another ring somewhere else. Wherever he would go, the fact remains, that the Golden State Warriors is still the most dominant team in the league today. Instead of bellyaching, he should help his team recruit high caliber players for the next wars to come. His ring chasing attitude could literally demote his legacy from being the G.O.A.T to a literal goat out to pasture looking for a field where the grass is greener.