However the Kid Rock for Senate Campaign turns out, it looks like it is going to be an epic event to cover and comment about. Twitchy reports that the rocker turned politician trolled both his opponent, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Michigan, and Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, in a grand manner on Twitter.

Kid Rock is more of a master of Twitter than Donald Trump

The rock and roll singer uploaded an image of a meal that consisted of a bottle of beer, a hamburger, a couple of corn on the cob, and a pickle wedge. He added,” Dinner time at my house.

What do you think Schumer is spoon-feeding Stabenow tonight?” The tweet showed the spirit of a real artist who has obviously had experience composing his own material. The president could learn from Kid Rock of the art of Twitter trolling, subtle and not angry nor vulgar.

Some of the responses were revealing

Naturally, Kid Rock got some push back on Twitter, One tweet, noting the early timestamp of the tweet, suggested that the rocker sits down to dinner at the same time as his 89-year-old grandmother. Twitchy notes that senior citizens tend to vote. Another tweet suggested that Kid Rock was getting takeout from Applebees, the implication that this is a bad thing. Twitchy also notes that a lot of regular voters eat at that fine chain establishment, Kid Rock is, if nothing else, a man of the people.

But can Kid Rock win?

Most political analysts give Kid Rock a long shot at taking away Debbie Stabenow’s senate seat. Midterms usually go to the party that is out of power. However, the principle that they all laughed at Donald Trump and see what happened applies here. One should not underestimate Kid Rock at one’s peril, notes Frank Guan writing for Slate,

The rocker turned candidate has an appealing libertarian message that calls for simplifying the tax code and reforming health care to something that is less government-centric.

He can give good, punchy slogans and, as demonstrated, as a master of social media.

The Democrats, on the other hand, seem to be at a loss on how to market themselves. Their one selling point is that Trump is somehow Vladimir Putin’s Manchurian Candidate, a meme that they have been pushing to the point of hysteria. People in the heartland are not buying the snake oil.

They are still interested in pocketbook issues of jobs, taxation, and health care. If Stabenow cannot make the case as to why she should remain in the United States Senate, she may be surprised on election day 2018 in the same way Hillary Clinton was in 2016.