Kailyn Lowry will give birth to her third child in just a few weeks. The “Teen Mom” star has revealed that she chose to get pregnant after her doctor’s advice that she should get pregnant now rather than later if she wanted to have a third child. At the time, Lowry was single and she had no interest in rekindling her relationship with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, in order to have another baby.

Before the divorce, Kailyn Lowry suffered a miscarriage and Javi was completely devastated because all he wanted was another baby. But even the advice from her doctor wasn't enough for her to go back to her ex-husband with the goal of getting pregnant.

Instead, Lowry decided to get pregnant by an unknown man whose identity was later revealed to be Chris Lopez. Now she's just weeks away from giving birth and she's gearing up to become a Single Mother.

An anxious mom isn't good for her children

Even though Kailyn Lowry may be feeling anxious about becoming a single mother to all three of her children, she should have planned it out a little bit better. She's already given birth twice, so she knows what it takes to take care for a newborn baby. Both times, she did have the support of a partner even though they may not have been on the best of terms. Jo Rivera was present when Isaac was born and she did get help from his parents.

When Lincoln was born, she did have a supportive Javi, but this time she's completely by herself and she still has to give her other two sons the attention that they deserve.

This may be tougher than she anticipated and this could possibly cause her a bit of stress.

Getting pregnant may be the easy part, but taking care of a newborn may be stressful. She won't be getting any sleep, she may still need to drive her sons to their fathers' homes, and she still needs to stay healthy for her newborn. While she's anxious now, Kailyn may be at the end of her rope as she takes the newborn home.

Can she really do this without support?

One can imagine that her struggles will be featured on the upcoming season of “Teen Mom 2,” as she will be opening up about her decision to get pregnant. MTV has revealed that the new season of the show will premiere this month.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry already experiencing anxiety before the baby even arrives? Do you think that she should have planned things out a little bit better, or do you think that she should just make it work because this is something that she wanted to do?