The testing of an ICBM by North Korea has led experts to consider strengthening the defenses to prevent any attack on American soil because the missile is believed to have sufficient range to reach Alaska. Obviously, there is panic, and some of the lawmakers in Alaska want an improved defense system to counter the threat while others do not treat it as a major issue. In fact, Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz is more worried about the moose and bears that prey on them, but the lawmakers are working to bolster the defenses.

Alaska’s response to the threat

According to Fox News, the threat of North Korea can be neutralized by the US military with its existing weaponry. The Pentagon is believed to have some missile interceptors in underground silos which are positioned in military bases in and near Alaska and there are plans to add to the number by the year end.

A bill introduced in the month of May by a Senator of Alaska and another Senator of Hawaii has mentioned about incorporating at least 28 ground-based interceptors across the United States, and half of these would be located in Alaska. Incidentally, an interceptor is supposed to intercept the missile and destroy it before it can strike and would be a deterrent against any ICBM attack.

The location of Alaska is important

Alaska has experience of war and its proximity to Russia is another reason for worry. An Alaskan town was bombed in 1942 during World War II while Japan had occupied two Aleutian Islands. During the Cold War, the region was on alert, and some homes still have fallout shelters. It stands to reason that mere threats cannot unnerve the people of Alaska as they have passed through troubled times, hence their low-key response to the possibility of an ICBM attack from North Korea.

Efforts to solve the problem related to Pyongyang and its adamant attitude has got the world on edge. Recently, US fighter aircraft carried out mock drills with South Korea near the Korean borders, and Kim’s regime has termed it as a provocation. It is evident that confrontation must be avoided because any error could lead to a catastrophe.

Sanctions have had no appreciable effect because the country has been able to circumvent the provisions of sanctions and the situation is becoming complex.

The new president of South Korea was keen to improve relations with the North and had proposed to send joint teams to participate in international sports events. But – nothing seems to be working, and the problem continues to remain in suspended animation.