Little things are never little. They are items that stick in your mind for a reason. They may say more than met the eye when you first saw them Such things are what I have stored like nuts the last few days and now it is time to share them. All have to do directly or tangentially with the downfall of Donald Trump.

Manafort is not done yet

Item one is the fact that neither Kushner nor Manafort was under oath and therefore subject to perjury charges when they issued recent statements about what they may or may not have done. So we can surmise that at some point they will either bite the bullet and take the oath or else suffer subpoena or fifth amendment problems.

The fact that they were not under oath seems to me huge, to quote the subject of these articles.

The big kahuna

It has always been Russia and it may go way back with Trump. The insistence in the tweet below tells me that the very heart of the Russia matter is key. People who know both Russia and Trump remain concerned as time goes on.

McMullin, while a Republican insurgent, is appealing to those of us who either think Trump has most likely committed an impeachable crime at some point or that Trump is genuinely subservient to Russia for reasons ranging from peaceful fantasies to blackmail payback.

The Epstein card

It is hard to believe that the name of convicted sex offender may not come up in the ongoing investigation -- the name could haunt both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. This is a man who invited both men to gatherings that were explicitly for purposes of hooking up with minors. Nothing has come of the allegations that have been leveled, but presidential investigations can bring previously silenced witnesses out of the woodwork.

Rounding it out

We close with our opening -- another look at the matter of testimony in the Russia investigation.

We have published in past End Games the Ken Starr era indication that a president can be prosecuted.

The pardon powers of a president do not extend to exonerating himself. I have noted that the Constitution itself explicitly exempts impeachment from the offenses the President can pardon. The capacity to compel testimony under oath may become another contested issue in this huge kettle that is brewing hotter on a daily basis.

If I may hazard a prediction if the Russia matter proves to be the End Game and it goes against Trump it will be because Trump himself is proved false at the primal level of his consistent denials.