Hey, Sags! Blessings for a terrific Tuesday! Your sign takes precedence from November 23rd to December 21st. You are care-free and a real people person. In today’s daily Lovescope for Sagittarius, we’re going to talk about not rushing in.

What to expect


It’s possible that you may see potential today in a person you thought was just a friend. If you are of the second decade, liberate your expansiveness and let yourself be led along. It's time to calm down a little and be more rational in love. There's nothing wrong with spending a little time alone.

Get yourself a great book and remember that there is no shame in asking for help. If you suspect someone's all talk but no action, chances are your intuition is right. Wait for someone substantial.


The stars promise adventure and if you’re just embarking on a relationship, you will suddenly envision new possibilities to make more of a commitment. If you are currently in a committed relationship, it will get a real boost today. You should remember, however, that the stars are in a changeable mood so that meaningful heart-to-heart you wanted to have with your cutie pie? Better put it off for now. Anything you agree to now could seem terribly unappealing later. Be careful not to get into unnecessary disputes with your partner.

Tonight, friends of the third decade, it seems that your solitude is weighing you down. The stars recommend being more patient. For those in a relationship with a Virgo, passionate moments will increase and it won't be a problem, especially for you. Those of you born in the first decade should devote more time to love and less to money or power.

If your rising sign is in the sign of Leo, unfortunately, it’s not the right time for a change even if this would be what you need. Wait for more favorable times which will soon arrive.

Not everything is as it seems -- in life or in love. That goes for you, too, Sagittarius. You may like to take risks, but you do shy away from them when you're dealing with love.

Think about why that is.

How to get through your day

Singles: Pay attention to the signs around you. Not every smile is genuine and not every date leads to walking down the aisle. Take some time for yourself today. Watch a funny movie, get a new hairdo, take a relaxing drive -- you deserve it.

Couples: Tonight, just a look or a touch will be enough to turn you on. Let yourself be pampered by your partner or you be the one to initiate -- whichever comes first. Your senses are heightened so you will enjoy whatever sweetness your special someone brings your way. A relationship is all about give and take, so express your feelings, but listen carefully as well.

That’s it for today’s daily Lovescope for Sagittarius. The stars will be back tomorrow to let you know what you can expect.