Today someone you respect highly will give you some solid advice on your career and the way forward for you. You have made leaps and bounds in your profession and your name is about to go on that board as a Partner.


What an achievement, you have worked very hard for this and it means a lot to you to get this advice. I am sure you will take it to heart and follow it step by step. You deserve the very best life has to offer and so everyone wishes you well along the way. Do some health checks during this week, you have been on the go for awhile and may need some vitamins to boost your health right now, you also need to do a bit more walking, maybe you can purchase a treadmill for your home gym so you can work out while you are at home.

It is Father and Son week and along with the many functions you have been asked to attend, you are relishing in the idea of spending time with your son and teaching him things that you learn as a boy. Your Father gave you some of the best moments of your life and now you are passing them on to your son. You cannot think of a more important and meaningful thing to do during this week. Enjoy this time to the maximum as soon he will be off to college then university and onto his own life and family, he will have many ideas though of what to do with his own kids.


Those suggestions you have made and the thoughtfulness you have extended has resulted in an unexpected reward you should be proud of yourself.

Your boss and the management team are excited that you landed such a lucrative deal for the company. Very few people are able to land a million dollar contract in such a manner, you will be lauded for several weeks to come. Some of you will enter a wealth net today, this means that you will have the Midas touch go out and try a game of chance or buy a lottery ticket you are sure to have got a large winning.

Others will get ahead by Money that has been left to you in a trust fund; this will serve you well for college needs or medical expenses, whatever the case use it wisely this kind of cash does not come around easily. Today give someone on the street a gift of money, they are in need and a bit down on luck you have no idea how your kindness will build them up and give them the added boost that they need, they will also begin to believe in humanity again.

You will be rewarded later this week for what you have done today. A refund in the mail comes a blessing you did not even remember sending money to this place it has been so very long, but it turned up in the right moment for you to do something very special for your parents.