Make a positive decision today to get your family, friends, and maybe some of your colleagues involved when you start your walking regimen, and when you start to plan healthier meals. You have a burning desire to get healthy and you want to involve everyone around you.


Making healthy changes with those you love and care for can bring you all closer together, as well as motivate all of you. Taking physical action to make your life better will give you greater stability to follow your heart and dreams. Getting involved in community work has been a lifelong dream for you, so being asked to head one of the largest communities in your area is such a joy.

You have so many plans in mind and cannot wait to get started. A call from a center in another neighborhood is very rewarding and you can see how both your communities can get together on a major project that will benefit many underprivileged kids. You have also been given the chance to open the community library. It has been another dream for you, this will be all hands on deck as you get the renovations done and receive books from all around the country. You will be rewarded greatly for all your hard work, and so many will benefit from having the new and improved resources and technology.


There will be significant but slow progress in your career and financial well-being at this time.

Do not get despondent, you will do well all the same. You have to exercise caution within your work environment, especially in terms of finances, contracts, and other vital areas that will not yield Money and will result in a loss. There may even be staff cuts, but you will have to do your best to keep things in order.

This would be a great time to keep money aside for a rainy day.

Avoid overspending and running up your credit cards, the economic climate is very unstable and you should be watching to see what direction the financial situation will go in before you get yourself too deep. Financial guidance will come to you in your dreams and most definitely through your experiences. Your sign is asking you to focus on your future goals at this time, and as you find solutions, your income will increase.

Give yourself a long time to work on your personal finances and get help with an investment portfolio, as you will need this down the road. You are not getting younger and you need to have your future secured. A good retirement plan would be beneficial to you, have an in-depth look at the plans that are offered and do not make a decision too quickly.