Today was a day of hard decisions for you and some deep discussions with family and friends brought you closer to your dream of opening your own business.


It is refreshing to know that you have the support of so many people and that they are willing to work with you and stand by you this time. You have shared this dream with them over and over for many years, and the only one holding you back was you. Now is the time to move forward and get the work started, it will be a success and many people will benefit from what you are about to do.

If you have not been taking care of yourself, this would be a great time to start to do that, you need to see your health care professional for your yearly check up and get some tests done. You have not been feeling at your best lately, so you should make this a priority during this day.

If you are in a relationship, you should stop and ask yourself if you are in for the right reason. It seems that you are both headed in different directions, and it has made the relationship very strained. Knowing what you want and what your values are and if they do not line up will help you to make a conscious choice to break off the relationship this time. If you are married, you need to discuss a matter of importance with your spouse.

If it is left to linger, it could blow up and cause some problems which you would prefer not to have.


You have a good financial plan, then you need to share it with your partners. Once they agree or even if they make a few changes, it could bring in a large sum of Money for your firm, and with the economic climate, as it is now, this will be a major boost to all involved.

Signing up to help someone today will encourage you to develop and use your newly acquired skills. You will not even realize that you have made so many friends in the process. This is not the time to play games of chance or gamble; your sign shows that you will lose more than you gain. If you are thinking of buying a new vehicle, you should spend time shopping around and not just take the first one you see.

You should also not spend money on a second-hand car, as you want a car that will last you for a few years well. This is also not the time to lend money to friends and family because you will not get it back and you will need it more than you know in a few weeks. You need to sit down with your children and work out the cost for their college education; you need to get an idea of how much money you will need over a four year period and what your insurance and college fund will pay for during this time.