Hello, Pisceans! Welcome to today’s daily horoscope, brought to you by Astrologer Megan Wilson. What can you expect and how should you go about your day today? Read on to find out.

What to expect

Today, Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius indicates work-related travel and this will be very good for you! A positive day lies ahead of you and your hard work will pay off keeping you in high spirits throughout the day. Be on the lookout for meeting some very interesting and magnetic people, and it could be as early as tonight! It’s a good idea to postpone any plans that you can afford to put off until later.

Now is not the time to be shy, Pisces. Make contact with them and get some plans going.

Today, you'll be bursting with energy, and will be able to enjoy a fast-paced environment. This is the kind of day when you need more variety than usual.

You might come to a decision that you’d like to start a singing or acting career. The stars urge you to follow your passion. You’re ready to come out of your shell, Pisces. Jump in and get your feet wet!

Thanks to your initiative and sexual energy, you'll have a nice role in mysterious erotic games tonight. However, if you are ascending Leo, your lover may ask you to be more gentle with him or her.

You’re known for being humble and obliging, Pisces, but has this always worked out for you?

Probably not -- by being too nice all the time, you’re prone to be taken advantage of by others. That’s not how relationships are supposed to work, FYI. The stars have presented you with an opportunity to decide whether you’re going to allow someone to make you feel used, intentionally or not, or to stop it before it starts.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Pisces, try something new and different. How about signing up for a spin class or Latin dancing? Anything that has high energy and makes you feel alive and invigorating would be good for you. Be willing to take action, and take charge of your life. You are the captain of your ship, the master of your destiny.

If it’s your heart’s desire to visit a spiritual place, start making plans and preparations for your journey, advises Astrologer Megan Wilson.

The stars warn you not to confuse infatuation for the love of your life. Keep your head on and be willing to call a spade ‘a spade’.

Wear magenta for good luck today.

Thank you for reading today’s daily horoscope for Pisces. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to check your horoscope for tomorrow. Have an amazing Friday!