According to The Daily Caller, North Korea has tested yet another ballistic missile. We have heard this time and time again. However, reports claim that this missile testing was different than the ones previous. North Korea says that this missile has the capability of reaching the US homeland. The Hwasong-14 ICBM flew a total of 600 miles at an altitude of around 1,700 miles, reports say. The catch is, it accomplished this distance and altitude in 40 minutes. That is a record for N. Korea. Most of the time, they go flying off into the sea.

Kim Jong-un warned in his New years address that he would soon have the ability to launch an “ICBM” (intercontinental ballistic missile).

Now, according to the dictator, he has done just that. Many who hear the treats coming from the dictator usually laugh them off. Yet, if the launch was as Kim Jong-un claims, the US should be alert. N. Korea’s leadership has been known to threaten over and over. However, is he insane enough to follow through with his threats? Many experts say “yes.” This also includes General (Maddog) Mattis, the defense adviser for President Trump.

What is Kim Jong-un’s problem with America?

“Lil Kimmie,” a nickname championed by some in the media, came to power when his father, Kim Jong-il, passed away on December 17, 2011. Since the regime change, Kim Jong-un has not been biased toward America. No matter who the president has been since his rise to power, he has shown the same hatred for the land of the free.

But, why does he despise the Americans so much?

The truth is the people of N. Korea both fear and loathes America. It has been that way since the Korean War. The N. Koreans, according to a piece written by Mehdi Hasan of a website called “The Intercept,” has hated America since that long forgotten war that split the Korean peninsula.

Since the war, N. Korean schools teach the children to hate America.

Also, Kin Jong-un pushes hate propaganda through N. Korean media. The “fake news” spewing from the airwaves there depicts America as an enemy. So it is no wonder why the people of N. Korea are brainwashed into believing that we are monsters. With their love for their leader being so strong, they would believe anything he says.

They believe him to be a god.

Should America be worried about N. Korea?

When a country hates another country as much as N. Korea hates us, then there should always be an amount of vigilance. Kim Jong-un has been known to starve his own people. With that being said, It is not a surprise that they would be willing to die for Kim’s causes. The only question that remains is will Kim himself be prepared to die for N. Korea? Some call him a coward, among other names. That is what would happen in a conflict with America.

No doubt, the Marines would send in “Seal Team 6” to destroy the failing dictator. However, that isn’t saying that Americans wouldn’t die in the initial strike. So should you be worried?

I say, if Maddog Mattis is concerned, we should be as well. Even the Americans in South Korea should stay vigilant. After the strike on America’s mainland, you can bank on N. Korea striking S. Korea.