Hi, Aries! A brand new week is here! Your sign is the proverbial ‘winds of change’ so that causes you to be easily adaptable. You were born between March 21 and April 19. Let’s take a look at your daily lovescope for Aries, which looks at taking things as they come.

What to expect

Singles: After several days of focusing on other people’s needs, you finally have a chance to focus on a new romance! Stay ahead of your game, however, because your potential sweetheart has many other interesting admirers. This isn’t a bad thing since your Arian nature guarantees you’ll enjoy fighting off the competition with every trick in your book.

Singles will be experiencing a range of emotions today but enjoy time with friends in person or, try chatting online to gain a new perspective. Some advice? Don't take people at face value only or believe too easily in some promises which seem impossible. If you are of the second decade, you will only have a purely physical relationship that won’t last.

Couples: Today your diplomatic skills come in handy Aries as you are likely to suffer some misunderstanding or spat with your partner. Initially, you will have a difficult time knowing how to deal with it, but you’ll manage just fine, and by this evening, you two will be snuggle-bunnies once again.

Has it ever occurred to you that everything in this relationship is exactly as it should be?

(And yes, that includes the day-to-day irritants.) What a shocking thought! Learn to be content with all you have.

You'll need to get to grips with a slight psychological exhaustion, and this keeps Love away. But expect excellent harmony with your partner..Those in love are gradually reaching stability in their relationship.

It may not be 100% perfect, but it’s getting there.

If you belong to the first decade, make the most of your spirit of being adaptable to face every type of challenge. By doing this, you will manage to put up with any type of situation.Are you falling in love with a Cancerian? This is your chance to reach the dreams you have always had.

How to get through your day

For those of you who are single, the stars advise you to relax and meditate today on your life's objectives. In this way, you'll clarify many unresolved questions.It’s a quiet day in which you can enjoy some romance or simply enjoy time alone.

For those of you in a relationship Aries, try rekindling the initial spark you found with your love. Despite minor worries, your relationship is just fine! Always approach your beloved with compassion and love; he or she means you no harm. Tonight, turn on the romantic music and enjoy what comes next.

Thanks for reading today’s Lovescope for Aries. Be sure to check us out tomorrow to see what the stars have in store for you this week.