Many of my social media followers have noted similarities between the dictator, Kim Jong-un, and in America, the would-be dictator, Donald J Trump. I had written in a previous article that Kim Jong-un was said to be stressed, binge eating, and unable to sleep. It seems as readers noted, that our Mad King in America suffers from similar neurosis.

Our mad king

Let us not forget that Donald Trump once gave a measure of compliment to Kim Jong-un and event suggested meeting with him. Donald Trump has a propensity for unstable very late night Twitter rants, as well as burgers and pizza.

But it’s not just these compulsions that the two demagogues evidently share. It is my opinion, and that of a few of my readers, that they might share some other distinct personality traits. Both have openly exhibited narcissistic, antisocial behavior. Both have been impulsive, irresponsible and childish. Both men have been cold, insensitive, and even sadistic towards those who were supposed to be part of their inner circle.

Donald Trump has driven out or fired seven people from his own staff in almost seven months. That has to be a record. Donald is involved, on either side of the aisle, in over 3,500 lawsuits. He has demonstrated repeatedly online and off; he is a bully. I think he might even be proud of it.

He had no compunction in mocking a physically disabled person or denigrating the service and sacrifice of an honorable soldier and patriot. He obviously doesn’t concern himself with empathy.

I know words! I have the best words!

Like Jong-un, Donald Trump demonstrates a grandiose and almost childlike sense of self-importance with continuous statements such as, “I know words.

I have the best words”, and “Nobody builds walls better than me!” He reeks of self-importance. The kind that many of us are finding to be terribly misplaced. He has an irrational belief in his own abilities even when it comes to things he may know nothing at all about.

This arrogance and insecurity have become painfully obvious in the way he runs his White House.

Yes, it seems he thinks it is he that runs things. It just doesn’t seem to be working. I don’t think he understands Washington DC. I don’t understand Washington DC either, but then I’m not trying, clumsily, to act as President of the United States of America.

Kim Jong-un’s many faces

There is a problem when comparing these two and getting a handle on their personality defects. According to The Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics, Kim Jong Un’s personality “is primarily an amalgam of the accommodating and outgoing patterns. -- congenial-cooperative.” So, we are left wondering, is Kim Jong-un just a puppet? Would we ever know? The vile rhetoric that emanates from his vocal cords does not jibe with his personality profile.

Either he is not himself, has more than one personality, or he is a puppet. I’m not sure yet which.

Kim Jong-un’s rhetoric and actions are in direct conflict with his personality profile in such a way as to suggest that he might have more than one personality. One is probably similar to his father Kim Jong-il’s personality. Jong-il ruled by fear. Kim Jong-un rules with something a little harsher than that. After killing over 300 people since his own rise to power and knowing what his personality profile is saying about him, we could only hope that Donald Trump isn’t this level of insane. But it is getting difficult to tell in this scary world of tyrants in which we are now living.