President Donald Trump’s unpresidential ways, demonstrated by his series of tweets against “Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, had gone beyond party lines. More republicans, however, are now calling out their party leader for his bully behavior, with Maine Senator Susan Collins and Oklahoma Senator James Lankford among those who recently criticized Trump

New York Times compares Trump to 3 past Presidents

The New York Times, in an opinion piece on Saturday, cited previous American presidents whose responses to criticisms were very different from Trump’s reactions to show the contrast.

The opinion piece first cited George Washington, who said the arrows of his critics cannot reach his most vulnerable part. For Dwight Eisenhower, there is nothing that a reporter could do to a president. Richard Nixon described the Watergate scandal reporting as outrageous, vicious, and distorted, but he admitted: “what happened is that what we did brought it about.”

Trump, the New York Times observed, could not take the heat of criticisms. The President uses tweets to take revenge on his “tormentors”, which the whole world witnesses. Trump, either, does not realize or does not care about how he portrays himself with his tweets.

Maine Republican Sen. Collins pointed out that it is a different situation during political campaigns when candidates could mud sling and another situation when the candidate wins and becomes a public servant.

Collins said Trump’s behavior is embarrassing to the nation, while Oklahoma Republican Sen. Lankford said the President’s tweets provide the nation a negative role model. Another Republican legislator, Kansas Rep. Lynn Jenkins, noted Trump’s reference to the alleged bleeding of Mika’s botched facelift denigrated women and was full of creepy misogyny.

Trump condemns news organizations

The President, although he is aware of his conduct being unpresidential, could not help but use all public occasions to hit his critics. Although he was still reeling from the “Morning Joe” tweets, the President denounced news media on Saturday at a rally at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, The New York Times reported.

He accused the “fake media” of attempting to silence his agenda. Trump said the “fake media” attempted but failed to prevent him from going to the White House. “But I’m President and they’re not,” he boasted.

While he was full of anger at media, Trump praised the American veterans and promised he would defend religious liberty in the U.S. at the “Celebrate Freedom” rally. He just returned to Washington briefly for the rally, but Trump and his family are spending the 4th of July holiday at the Trump National Gold Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.