Today we may end trump before he can do much more damage. He seems involved in a race between natural ineptitude and a desperate need to be the boss of a tiny circle of people who still try to hang in. He may not be crazy in a clinical sense, but he is woefully out of his depth. He has all the authority in the world. So he can play king and keep everyone on pins and needles. But finally, the law is bigger than he is.

Comey again

Today we find that Comey begged Sessions not to permit him to be alone with Trump. Comey can take care of himself. It was not a physical encounter that worried him.

It was exactly what happened.

Trump tried to influence the FBI director behind closed doors. Comey should have known Sessions could not save him. He should have refused any private dealings with the president. Why did he consent? I suspect he would say he doesn't know.

Disturbing news

The most disturbing piece of news today went unnoticed. Kids in schools now use Trump tweets to bully other kids. Bullying is an evil that comes in part from the refusal of schools to teach elementary, Universal Values. It is stimulated by selfishness and a lack of self-respect. Bullying requires early attention or you will end up with a Donald Trump sort. We need a new approach.

So now we find that when a kid wants to strike fear into the mind of a potential victim, he or she just lofts a Trump tweet at them.

This may be why even a GOP focus group recently said Trump should be more presidential. We need hope and progress, not angry tweets.

Democracy in peril?

Democracy is not in peril. Despite the salient warnings of Madeleine Albright, democracy is not something we lost recently or that is about to vanish. Democracy is a universal value that evolves.

Its purpose is not to conduct war at a vigorous clip. It does not need men like Duterte elected to promote thuggery and murder. Unevolved democracy is riddled throughout the world with corruption and hypocrisy.

Think of yet

Democracy has had great moments though.

Don't get me wrong. But the only sign we have seen recently was John Lewis sitting in in the moribund House of Representatives and nonviolent marches silently telling Trump and the one percent their days are numbered.

Of course, we would like to improve what we have. But if our vision is what has been only, we will miss the evolution.

Democracy's future

Democracy will one day be a fair and sustainable economy in a world where war is on the way out. It will insist corporations operate ethically or face dissolution.

Democracy will be a global population that is not hoodwinked by a culture shoved at them by corporations wed to new technology giants. We do not need more walking dead. We need more walking by real people. We need the thinking that underlies cybercommunities.

Conclusion: Trump cannot kill democracy. If that happens, it will be us who did the deed.