US President Donald Trump's rude behavior on Twitter is critically damaging US diplomatic relations with the global community. Should the highest office on the US soil directly interfere with internal affairs of other countries the way Trump is doing? Following London Bridge attack, Trump has irritated the global community with his obnoxious Twitter comments.

Would Theresa May attack US Mayor?

How would the world view Theresa May for instance, if she ever questioned the US Mayor Bill de Blasio after a shootout in New York City? Would that not be exceedingly ludicrous?

The US President Donald Trump has taken his Twitter warfare to Britain by engaging in yet unnecessary argument with the London Mayor. In his latest assault, he lashed out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s comments to Londoners following Saturday's terror attack.

It is definite the US President immensely misunderstood or misinterpreted what London Mayor Sadiq Khan meant when he urged Londoners to stay calm. Is Trump deliberately blackmailing Khan because he is Muslim? It is without question Trump’s misuse of Twitter against Sadiq Khan undermines the office of the British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Trump out of control on Twitter

Donald Trump is certainly out of control regarding Twitter handling. The latest confrontation is just a drop among many erroneous episodes towards international leaders.

The President has in the past viciously criticized German Chancellor Angel Merkel and former French President François Hollande for their open policy on Muslim migrants seeking asylum in Europe.

As the chief in command and holder of the most esteemed political office in the world, Trump should learn a bit of social media etiquette.

Any communication from his personal Twitter handle or the official POTUS should reflect dignity, respect for the international community or even individuals holding opposing views from his. Furthermore, Trump should use his Twitter handles to address leaders at his capacity. He should desist from debasing himself by arguing with junior servants at home and abroad.

Trump woes with mainstream media

Trump’s rough sail with the mainstream media has made him prefer Twitter for his official communications. However, his irregular and misleading updates including the recent 'covfefe' only portrays the US President as being atavistic, careless and conspicuously intolerant of leaders holding divergent views. Does the President's prompt behavior in responding to any debate indicate he is acutely unfit to holder office?

Trump's uninformed Twitter exchanges with foreign leaders, US journalists or lawmakers are unacceptable. The sentiments also infringe on foreign nations' sovereignty and can result in tense diplomatic relations between the US and other countries. If these comments are not curtailed, they will possibly jeopardize America's interests abroad. A little diplomacy instead of arrogance will help restore sanity on Trump's Twitter handles.