Reality Leigh Winner, the former NSA contractor who is currently in jail awaiting trial for passing top secret documents to a left wing news site, recently burbled out her strategy for avoiding a long stretch in prison to her sister during a prison phone call. She is apparently going to play the “Pretty, white, and cute” card. She forgot to add not being annoying, insane, and foolish.

Some helpful suggestions to a soon to be convicted spy

Clearly Ms. Winner has some work to do if she thinks she is going to get any sympathy from anyone. In fact, considering how easily she got caught and how she has burbled alarming statements on social media such as being white is equal to terrorism and support for the Islamic Republic of Iran, it may be too late.

For her to have gained sympathy would have been to set up a convincing backstory of someone who is not so obnoxious that most people cannot wait for her to be tossed into a cell and the key to be thrown away.

Hating Trump is fine for the purposes of their exercise. A lot of people hate the president, though a few, like Kathy Griffin, take things a little too far. Hating America is a basic no no where it comes to setting up a sympathetic back story, though. Ms. Winner should have claimed that she was doing what she was doing out of patriotism, unmasking the nefarious doings of a corrupt government.

What turned an Air Force volunteer into a spy?

One thing that media accounts have not yet revealed is what changed Reality Winner from a fresh faced teenager who volunteered for Air Force service into someone who takes the side of the Islamic Republic Of Iran in a possible conflict with the United States.

Winner worked as a translator, fluent in three Central Asian languages. Did something happen in her service to cause her to turn against her own country?

What was she thinking when she printed the secret document even though the printer left indications of which device was used? Why did Winner blurt out her silly legal strategy on a call she ought to have known was being monitored?

She is clearly not entirely unintelligent. No one who can become fluent in not one but three non-European languages can be. One thing is for sure. Winner is doing this on her own. No intelligence organization on the planet would run an asset like Winner without basic training about how to cover her tracks. That is too bad for Winner. She will not be able to cop a plea by turning on her handlers because they don’t exist.