The Golden State warriors did something that most knew was going to happen once Kevin Durant signed with the team last summer.And that won an NBA championship.With their 129-120 game five victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Warriors helped Durant win his first championship, but most importantly, gave the viewers the reason to respect the Warriors for this post-season.

Ultimate finals makes up for first three rounds

The Warriors had a chance to make history Friday night to become the first team to go 16-0 in the NBA post-season, but their series win can help us love the Warriors performance despite their first three series wins.

Before these finals, the Warriors had the most unexciting 15-game post-season win streak in recent memory.The Warriors defeated a Portland Trail Blazers team that featured just Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. They defeated a Utah Jazz team that didn't have top shot blocker Rudy Gobert for most of the season after they barely beat an LA Clippers team that featured an injured Blake Griffin. Then, they swept the San Antonio Spurs team that didn't have superstar Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker.

However, this dismantling of #LeBron James, who is still the top player in the world like it or not, is impressive. It doesn't matter if you are a 90s Chicago Bulls fan, or an Internet troll that bashes Durant for making a super team, this win assures us that this is a great team, and has the potential to make the next NBA dynasty if this core stays intact.

A Lebron James debated summer

The debate of Lebron vs Michael Jordan will surely be a hot topic this summer as James falls to 3-5 in the NBA finals.The real debate should be who can come to Cleveland to help Lebron dethrone a potential Bulls-like dynasty. The Warriors "Big Four" is all under the age of 30, and James is 32 years old.

Will Carmelo Anthony make his way to Cleveland in a trade? Will the likes of Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, or Iman Shumpert be traded this offseason to clear cap room?James’s future features rings in his eyes, and this group that he has proves to not be good enough, so who will come to help?

Mike Brown deserved this one

The former Cavalier head coach won his first championship as an assistant coach since 2003 when he was on the Indiana Pacers staff, but Brown deserved this one with his efforts while head coach, Steve Kerr, battled problems with his back.Kerr agreed as well.

In the postgame interview with Doris Burke, Kerr was quick to thank Brown for what he did while he was gone.

With a summer celebration on the horizon, the big question is what will happen to Brown? Will he stay, or will he try to inch his way back into a head coaching vacancy?