The Golden State Warriors started the 2017 NBA playoffs with a historic winning streak, sweeping their way to the NBA Finals, going 12-0. They defeated the Portland Trail Blazers led by Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum in dominating fashion, 4-0 in the first round of their playoff run. They then waited a week for their next opponent, and also swept the Utah Jazz led by Gordon Hayward in dominating fashion again. But it seemed they had finally reached an opponent that would challenge them when they were scheduled to face the San Antonio Spurs led by MVP finalist Kawhi Leonard and All-Star power forward LaMarcus Aldridge in the Western Conference Finals.

Although the Spurs got off to a strong start in game one, a huge injury to Leonard allowed Golden State to steal game one and ultimately the rest of the series, finishing with a 4-0 sweep over the less star stacked, San Antonio squad.

But this undefeated streak looked to be threatened when the Cleveland Cavaliers closed out the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference and had their eyes set on the NBA Finals, going up against Klay Thompson's Warriors team. But Golden State made history, and won the first three games in the series, making a huge statement. The Warriors became the first team in NBA playoff history to start 15-0, and were just one game from becoming the first team to go undefeated in the NBA postseason.

But game 4 shocked the world when the Cavaliers came out as the more physical and spiritual team, defeating the Warriors 137-116 and handing the GSW their first loss of the playoffs. In the mind of Klay Thompson, this loss sucks, but it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things.

Klay Thompson suggests Warriors will win game 5

Klay Thompson was interviewed after the Golden State Warriors disappointing game 4 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and was unhappy with his team's performance in a game where they had the chance to close the series and win their second NBA championship as a group. When asked about the Warriors feelings after losing their first game of the playoffs, making them unable to go undefeated, Klay said:

"You can't hold onto it, it's gone, its over with.

16-1 sounds pretty dang good anyways. Forget about the undefeated talk whatever, its time to go and put on a show for our fans in Oakland and the rest of the bay and try to close it out at Oracle."

Klay Thompson seems pretty confident that his team will be able to close the deal in game five on Monday night. But it will take a team effort from the Warriors as we have seen the Cavaliers led by their big three overcome series deficits before.

How can the Warriors win game 5?

Klay Thompson stressed the idea of coming out as the more physical force will be a key for the Golden State Warriors if they want to take home the victory in game five. He alerted to the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers made their presence known immediately in game four which gave them an early lead, one which the Warriors could not overcome in the end.

Golden State's all star shooting guard also stated that they will need to play great defense, and if Kyrie Irving or LeBron James have huge performances they will live with it. What they don't want is other players, especially the role players to have huge performances which will help the Cavs team steal another victory. Some role players underperformed in the first three games of the series, but stepped up in game four leading to a win. Those players include Tristan Thompson, Deron Williams, Richard Jefferson, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert and Kyle Korver. The Warriors be hoping to slow down these guys in game five.