The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Mauritania have unanimously decided to seclude Qatar on the flimsy accusations of supporting terrorist groups like ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. Obviously, these Arab countries are getting things twisted on which Gulf State really funds terrorism in the region and beyond.

Trump lauds decision to sideline Qatar

US President Donald Trump has lauded the decision by the Gulf States to sideline Qatar. The president further said his tour in the region was certainly paying off. Could Qatar be a sacrificial lamb on the war on terrorism?

To start with, Qatar has long been a US ally in the Middle East. In fact, the largest US military base in the region is in Doha. So why the sudden change of rhythm?

Even though there has been no real evidence showcasing Qatar’s support for terror groups, allegations of millions of dollars being channeled to groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood have for decades dodged the country. Is this not the case of the pot calling the kettle black? The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long been accused of financing radical Islamic groups fighting to destabilize the Syrian government.

Americans don’t trust the Saudi Kingdom

The majority of Americans still believe the Saudi government actively participated in the 9/11 attacks.

The 2002 Congressional report found that individuals from Saudi officials masterminded the Twin bombing at the Pentagon and Twin Towers. Ironically, to date, no subsequent US government has fully declassified the congressional report that would allow families or victims of 9/11 to sue for compensation. The Saudi government lacks the credibility to point an accusing finger to a lesser evil state than itself.

Defeating terrorism calls for concerted effort from all countries in the region. By sidelining Qatar, the nation will readily embrace other rogue nations like Iran. This will greatly jeopardize the global efforts to contain radical groups in the Middle East. Crushing terrorism starts with regulating arms supply, especially to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Lest we forget, Qatar hosts more than 8000 US soldiers and is a longtime loyal ally.

Saudi government and not Qatar is the problem

Definitely, there is a misplaced priority when it comes to fighting or funding terrorism. The US government should rethink the decision to arm Saudi Arabia, which is, without a doubt, the greatest terrorist supporting nation. The multi-billion arms deal will intensely increase its military capability which will, in turn, threaten the peace and stability of America's allies in the region including Israel.