It would appear that no one got what they wanted from former Fbi Director James Comey, and some of the DC power players got some unwanted attention.

By now everyone around the world knows that the ex-FBI boss was in the senate to settle the score about Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election, but no one could have seen the massive blow to the Clinton dynasty coming.

Before we address the calamity that the Clintons just suffered, lets have a look at the spanking that the Russian hacking narrative just took.

No Hillary, Vladimir didn't make Trump president

As far as former FBI Comey knows, Vladimir Putin and the FSA had nothing to do with Russian meddling with the last presidential election, as there was none. While his testimony did potentially imply that President Trump acted improperly during an FBI investigation into Michael Flynn, the word “hope” seems to play a role in the alleged wrongdoing.

Have fun debating the legality of hope. We may as well try to define love, or decide on the best flavor of ice cream.

But what is far more cut and dried is the explicit statement Mr. Comey made about the almost completely false nature of a NYT article that detailed the correspondence between Trump staffers and Russian agents.

While Mr. Comey stopped short of calling the NYT story a “pack of lies”, he did agree that it was almost completely false.

Well Hillary, I guess those mean old Russians didn't steal the election after all. Or at least there is absolutely no evidence that they did.

I suppose anything is possible.

The tarmac matter

While Trump dumpers the world over are disappointed that he won't be impeached and hauled off to Gitmo in the wake of Comey's even tempered words to the senate panel, a very inconvenient truth was made public today.

Apparently there was a meeting between then AG Loretta Lynch, and former President Bill Clinton on the tarmac of an airport in Phoenix in mid-2016, after which she gave Mr. Comey instructions to refer to the investigation into Hillary Clinton's Email leaks as a “matter”, and not an “investigation.”

Mr. Comey said that her orders, “gave me a queasy feeling,” and though he had reservations about doing as he was told, he went on to say, “that was not a hill I wanted to die on,”

Wow, that must have been some meeting.

For a seasoned FBI chief to be made to feel ill isn't a small feat, and to do it to protect a obviously crooked career politician must have been pretty hard to swallow.

I guess that's why they make Dramamine.

In prior testimony Ms. Lynch claimed that the meeting with Bill Clinton had related to golf, grandchildren and travel, and didn't disclose that she may have been engaging in corruption so blatant it would make an Argentine gangster blush.

Did anyone win?

It would appear that today pretty much everyone involved in the 2016 election got served, and Mr. Comey finally had a chance to clear the air a little. While the testimony he delivered relating to the Clintons should be cause for an investigation, who knows what kind of skeletons would turn up in that mess?

The Clintons are clearly as corrupt as they come, though Trump still looks pretty shady in all of this. If he really didn't have anything to hide, why ask Mr. Comey to back off Mr. Flynn in the first place? Regardless of these lingering questions, there will be no indictment.

President Trump can sleep safely in the White House tonight, and the American people can stop worrying so much about big, bad, Vlad, and his magic election-stealing elves.