President Donald Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia is putting renewed focus on the United States' relationship with the Muslim majority country. The president is visiting Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican on his maiden trip since taking office. In his visit, the president will meet leaders and discuss US foreign relations, fight on terrorism and ways to broaden US trade ties.

Trump frequently criticized Saudi Arabia

During the campaign, US President Donald Trump viciously criticized the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its involvement in the September 11 attacks.

On his trip, will the US President raise the issue of compensation for victims and families of 9/11 attack? The continued allegations that Saudi Arabia played a major role in the terrorist attack continue to stalk the two nations’ relations more than a decade later.

The visit to Saudi Arabia, in particular, should discuss the compensation of victims at Twins Towers and the Pentagon. Following the deadly terrorist attack on the US soil, a Congressional investigation was launched by President George W Bush to ascertain whether Saudi Arabia was directly involved in the attack that left at least three thousand US citizens dead and scores wounded.

President Bush classified the report

Former president George W Bush classified part of the 2002 Congressional investigation into the 9/11 attacks to protect US intelligence sources and methods.

In July 2016, the Obama administration released a section of classified information. Even though the 28-page report absolved the Saudi government from blame, many Americans still hold it with suspicion.

It is important for President Donald Trump to openly discuss the issue of compensation with the Saudi administration. Trump's government should fully declassify the remaining Congressional document to enable individual US citizens to sue foreign nations that were involved in the bloody attack.

America families want justice

American families and victims of the 9/11 want to sue the Saudi Arabia Kingdom for its alleged connections to the hijackers. The Kingdom has maintained that it would sell off more than $750 billion in treasury securities and other US assets if the US government continues with its compensation quest.

The only way lasting relations between the US and the Saudi Kingdom can be enhanced is by the Saudi government taking responsibility for what happened. Failure to do so will only result in mistrust at the time the US is seeking allies and trade partners among Muslim countries.