President Donald Trump came under fire for his criticism of London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan on Sunday after the terrorists attack in the city of London which claimed seven lives and injured about 48 people.

President Trump responded to comments by London Mayor in a tweet.

In reaction to the attacks, Sadiq Khan said Britons should not panic for the massive deployment of policemen in the streets after three men suspected to be terrorists stabbed several people when they drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge.

Fallout of the attack

About seven people died, and 48 were seriously injured in the attack.

The London Mayor said there is no cause for alarm! Trump Tweeted.

“We must stop being politically perfect and settle down to the business of security for the people. If we are not smart it will become worse,” Trump said.

In reaction, a spokesman for the Mayor of London said Mr. Khan “is busy working with the police, the government, stakeholders and emergency service to coordinate an appropriate response to the horrifying and dastardly terrorists attack.”

“He is occupied with more important tasks than responding to Trump’s miss-informed tweet that intentionally takes out of context his comments telling Londoners not to be panicked when they saw a greater number of police – which includes armed men – on the streets of London,” according to the spokesperson.

Trump criticized

Former US Vice President Al Gore, who spoke during a State of the Union program on CNN, said he felt President Trump’s tweet was a misrepresentation of the mayor’s speech.

“I don’t think that a terrorist attack of such magnitude is the right time to be divisive and to cast criticism of a mayor who is working hard to organize his city’s prompt response to the terror attack,” Gore said.

The vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat, stated that he is troubled seeing the kind of tweets Trump has to send out following the unfortunate London Attack.

President Trump's offer of assistance

Trump has earlier offered US assistance to Britain and further advanced the campaign for his controversial travel ban as an extra measure of security for Americans.

“Whatever assistance the United States can give to help out in the London attack and the UK, we will be there- We will always be with you. God bless! Trump said on Saturday.

The US President has also spoken with Theresa May British Prime Minister to console her on the London attack and to offer America’s full support.