My daughter in England started a small movement called Playing Out. It gets cars off the street for hours at a time so kids can play without being intimidated. If you do not think cars, which account for one-fifth of Global warming, are vastly worse for us than that seemingly modest percentage, think again. The tiny change made by having some traffic free days around the UK is measurable.

Even a little freedom from noxious cars is a blessing.


This is a preamble to yet another statement that you may or may not believe. The statement is that global warming just got not merely worse but potentially life threatening as you read this.

The article from the NY Times explains that to save us from carbon, two-thirds of the work nature does is right here. Our globe acts as a natural sponge as carbon falls. This means that we are reducing carbon in the air, right? Not anymore.

The sponges are full

When a sponge is saturated it loses its capacity to absorb. That is what is happening now. Global warming just became a Global warning. The article is not speculation. It is a warning. Short term, the warming is worsening. Last weekend, a Times reader reported, a prediction of 107 degrees morphed to 112 in the shade. In the sun it was way above 120 degrees.

"Trump says 'Global Warming' is a hoax.The only hoax in the room is him," the reader concluded.

Big picture

The more we continue to push oil and cars the more we buy Trumpageddon -- a one-man wrecking of our future on earth. It will be the child of confusion. It will involve stoking hate and a probable direct conflict with Iran.

It will involve measures taken in the US to quell protests when Trump maneuvers to avoid the justice sought by Robert Mueller. And it will involve direct and shameless lying in the face of weather emergencies that will make us long for the relative calm of Sandy and Katrina.

This is entirely plausible

This is not a fantasy. This is Trump and his minions rubber-stamping their survival MO.

That method of operation involves continuing extra-constitutional actions under the aegis of the true deep state -- the one we can perceive by linking Wall Street, the defense-intelligence establishment, and Treasury. It is described in the video below. It involves continuing reliance on SCOTUS as a validator. Yesterday Gorsuch joined Thomas and Alito as the new anchor for Trump-favorable decisions every time.

Cars must go

This remains true. Whether you believe it or not.