Trumpcare is clear and present murder offering itself as American legislation. This is an ethical catastrophe, a watermark moment, a deadly bend in the road. If we go around the bend, we will become co-conspirators in an act of genocide that will echo through generations. Let me spell it out.

MSM in tatters

Today the heartless media speculates on further resignations of a Supreme Court that is already in danger of becoming a co-conspirator in this American catastrophe. If Trump can pack the court with more Gorsuch figures, we are facing an era when people will literally have to beg for the care they need in every area of life.

You think I am exaggerating? Try this for size.

Look at that face, this may be the week when we either close our eyes like Good Germans did or begin the dangerous, nonviolent march to take our country back.

All the words Trump uses

This health bill - Trumpcare - is phony. It is fake. It is rigged. It is all the things Trump says when he wants his followers to march behind him in lockstep. The difference is that I am speaking the simple truth. The problem is that when you say that millions will be bumped from the insurance rolls you do not do much math or look into the eyes of a kid who will get no diagnosis of a lethal condition before it's too late.

If you do you see the truth.

The executioner

Obamacare is and was imperfect. But it means 20 million more Americans covered than Trumpcare. We have a man named Mitch McConnell as executioner trying to round up fifty co-conspirators to commit 20 million Americans to the netherworld of worse poverty than now exists. The results will be catastrophic.

And the media is acting as though this is walk-in-the-park stuff where the numbers game is what matters.

Fascism starts for real

What matters is that Trump has hardly begun to foment the harm he can cause to millions over time. He has no conscience. He has no compunctions. He lives in a bubble surrounded by 'yes men'. The numbers game, as if it matters what Susan Collins of Ted Cruz does, is already lost if the story is not what it would have been at the start of any genocide.

The story

The account of what is happening needs to say that our elected representatives, with no media protest, propounded a genocide in the United States. It is not too late even now to desist and start to turn back the noxious tide of Trump harm. But we need to see what that harm is. It is not a little contest. It is the prospect of even one Senator being for this bill. It is moral turpitude to the highest power.

This is the last straw.