Kailyn Lowry probably never thought that sharing her birthing story with MTV viewers would result in her having three children, being married and having a successful reality show by the time she was in the 20s. However, that is what has happened to Kailyn over the past couple of years. She's been one of four primary stars on "Teen Mom 2" and she's shared her story for years. She's been open about her troublesome relationship with her biological mother, her toxic marriage to Javi Marroquin, and her on-going friendship with Isaac's father, Jo Rivera.

But time flies when you are having fun and this year, Lowry can celebrate a long relationship with MTV and her producers. According to a new Tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she's surprised that her oldest son is already turning 8, which means she's been in the spotlight for almost 9 years. She started filming the show when Isaac was in her belly.

Kailyn Lowry reflecting on her life

It is possible that Lowry is reflecting on her life these days, as she's realizing that her life is slowly changing. Over the past year, Kailyn has ended her marriage to Javi and gotten pregnant with her third child. She wanted to have another baby but she didn't want the baby with Javi. A man named Chris Lopez is supposedly the father of the baby, but he won't be playing a role in the baby's life.

Now that her son will be almost eight years old, one has to wonder what is going through Kailyn Lowry's mind. Not only is her first-born son growing up fast, but she has also been in the spotlight for almost a decade.

Maybe she's realizing that she can't keep living in the spotlight once MTV cancels the show. Some of her co-stars have revealed that they have put their MTV savings aside for when the show isn't on anymore, but Kailyn has bought a house and recently went on two vacations.

Will Kailyn be alone forever?

Kailyn decided that she wanted to have this baby on her own and she doesn't seem interested in dating anyone these days.

Even the biological father for the baby isn't around anymore, and Lowry has revealed that she will be taking care of this baby alone. One can imagine that this will be a handful, as she's already a single mother to her two sons, Isaac and Lincoln. She shares custody of the boys with their respective fathers, who both live nearby.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's tweet about her son Isaac? What do you think she will do once MTV ends its run of "Teen Mom 2?"