Former FBI Director James Comey's public hearing with the Senate Intelligence Committee in early June was planned as a chance for him to come clean about President Trump's efforts to try and stop the FBI from investigating the President's aides and their possible collusion with Russian officials. Various congressional committees have held hearings on investigations conducted by various government agencies both the intelligence and defense community included. Many of these investigations were spurred when President Trump fired James Comey, as the President has admitted to, for the FBI director investigating him.

Recently, more conspiracies have been stirred up and continue to make Comey a political target over his investigation on Hillary Clinton which he closed last year.

Russian document designed to mislead

As Blasting News reported, last year during the Presidential Primary, a document was sent by Russian intelligence to the FBI which attempted to put former Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, former Department of Justice Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and a campaign aide named Amanda Renteria in the middle of a controversy about the FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton. As the article states, the document apparently forced Comey to make a decision to close his investigation on Clinton last year without seeking the approval of the DOJ, but the FBI determined that the document was not only unreliable, but it also came from an unreliable source.

Russian propaganda, more ammo for Trump

That Russian Intelligence would invest so much time in creating a fake document is not surprising as the story they weave into it has the Kremlin's signature of propaganda as it includes people Russian officials already consider enemies; Hillary Clinton and George Soros. When Schultz was asked about her involvement as it was mentioned in the document that she knew about the DOJ trying to stop the FBI's investigation of Clinton, she said she was not familiar with the person the Russian intelligence document claimed she had been emailing.

That person was also questioned by the FBI who said they didn't know Schultz well enough to have that kind of correspondence.

Amanda Renteria also denied meeting Schultz or even Loretta Lynch. But she did say that she did know a lawyer from California who happened to be named Loretta Lynch who coincidentally did legal work for the Clintons during the Whitewater investigation.

The Washington Post article via MSN titled: "How a dubious Russian document influenced the FBI’s handling of the Clinton probe," mentioned that bloggers have been known to get both people confused. Many in social media have already accepted the story as a scandal and has added another dark mark on Comey's legacy and more ammunition for the cause against President Trump's opponents.