One person's evidence is another person's lie. Ross Douthat is finding his mojo I think. I am not a voracious reader of conservative columnists, but Ross has hit a few times recently. Either I am changing or Ross is. I think a bit of both. He now concedes that even though there are valid middle positions on Climate change the GOP and right wing are inflexible. Here is his argument, fresh off the presses:

Let's stop trying to convince people

I do not know how much has been spent trying to persuade people like Donald Trump that he is being a dolt for dissing climate change.

Disrespect is Donald's real middle name, But it does not work to try to sway the former celebrity and his followers. The evidence is the only thing that tells. And even then the bar is exceedingly high.

If I was doing the ads

Do you recall those redneck ads: If ... you might be a redneck. I would say: If you wake up in the morning and your yard is three feet deep, you might believe in climate change. And so forth. The point is that climate change will not be believed until you can see it, touch it, feel it, know it for real. In other words when it is most likely too late to do much about it.

The Previews have failed

Sandy and Katrina failed to convince. The tornados that keep ripping up the same areas of the country seem to elicit passive acceptance.

A "prove it" mentality is abroad. The reason is Useless against a president who is willing to gamble with our lives. Al Gore is a Democrat. It was cold last winter. Any other questions? Wait! Science believes it even if we can't see it. Well, let me know when it happens.

There is evidence all over but not enough

By now I hope I have convinced you of the futility of arguing with the denial folk.

What then is the best use of time for those who want t be activists in the effort to create a livable world? Simply act without believing it will convince anyone. If all those who want to do right stop patronizing fossil fuel, it will have the same effect as the anti-apartheid divestment efforts worldwide had in the 1980s.

Being savvy about cases of warming and acting against them is the obvious route.

The graphic above points to myriad examples of warming all over. But it won't be convincing to the nay-sayers. It will not turn Trump away from his killing logic.

A different president and a very different GOP

Ross acknowledges that things will not change until Trump is gone and the GOP is sent packing. He does not say it in such bald terms but that is what he concludes. It is an admission of profound failure on the conservative side to deal with reality. It summon's the Democrats to rise to the occasion and lead.