According to Fox News, Comey's testimony clears Trump of collusion. Fox News host, Sean Hannity revealed Wednesday that Comey's testimony was "self-serving." However, the testimony given answered a lot of doubts on both sides of the aisle. Despite the clearing of Trump, you have some that still do not believe.

In his written testimony, Comey said he told President Trump that he was not under investigation. This comes as a surprise when you recount past news articles coming from the mainstream media. With that being said, perhaps both Conservatives and Liberals can finally move on.

According to Fox News, there are more important things to talk about.

Comey's testimony could boost Trump critics and allies

Hannity also addressed the Trump meeting on February 14 with Comey (the meeting that followed the dismissal of Michael Flynn). In this meeting, Trump Allegedly told Comey that Flynn's a "good guy" and he should "let this go." According to the host, any legal expert will tell you that this is not "obstruction".

Hannity also pointed out Comey's obligation to report obstruction to the Attorney General. If he thought the president was stepping out of legal bounds, he should have reported the event. However, reports claim that Comey never reported any such event.

Trump stayed on the ready to counter any false testimony

According to Fox, Trump was standing by as the testimony hearings went on. Fox also criticized the fact that the ex-FBI chief did not offer to reveal that Trump was not under investigation.

This would have saved a lot of time and face for the media. As a matter-of-fact, Comey was "gung-ho" to expose Clintons new email investigation. So the question of the hour is "why didn't Comey do the same for the commander-in-chief?"

According to Hannity, that is his question as well. Hannity also added that Hillary broke a multitude of laws, and got the courtesy of an announcement.

According to the testimony, Trump did nothing wrong. So Hannity said transparency would have been a key factor in the "collusion" allegations.

Not only would it have saved time and money on hearings, but Congress could have been working on "more trying" matters. Hannity followed up with how he felt Comey should be "ashamed" of himself. So now we move on to the next controversy, dreamed up by the media. What will it be next? Please leave your comments below and share this report on your social media pages.