In a recent interview with CBS host John Dickerson on Face the Nation Defense Secretary James Mattis was asked what kept him awake at night, he replied that slept fine, but that he kept other people awake at night. I thought the job of keeping people awake at night had already been reserved for our President.

Considering the Commander-in-chief's behavior is best described as that of a petulant child, I would think we all would be sleeping lightly. Knowing that his imbecilic behavior endangers us all should drive us en masse to the medicine cabinet in hopes of better sleep.

It is Trump who keeps us up at night

From rambling incoherent rants, tweets with the worst grammar possible, and his general inability to form a cogent sentence Trump's consistent slide into caricature status has become more than simply worrisome.

If Donald Trump were as smart as he thinks he is the upcoming testimony by former FBI Director Comey would not only keep him awake, it would make him ready to run for the hills. The hearing on Thursday will definitely be must watch TV.

If the fate of the world were not so tied to his behavior it could be entertaining. But less than six months in we have to face the reality that his cognitive skills are simply degraded. I am not sure how intelligent Donald Trump was in his prime, but by watching videos of him in the past we can easily see he is not the person he was then.

I know it is difficult not to chafe at each passing moment of idiocy and disorganization this administration seems to excel so effortlessly in providing. But we need to ask ourselves of the appropriateness of attacking someone who is mentally ill. Most of us would not think it acceptable to point and laugh at people with any disability.

It must be difficult to go through life as Donald Trump. Never understanding that actions have consequences. Dealing with the reaction to your actions without connecting them together. It would be like walking blindfolded into a revolving door 30 times in a row without knowing why you were getting hit by the door.

Howard Stern Warned us about Trump

As his friend Howard Stern said before the election. President Trump needs to feel loved and appreciated, it is an integral part of his psyche, and being president is not conducive to his health. I do not think he has what it takes to make it through a four-year term. Unless those around him admit he is not capable of discharging his constitutional duties I fear we will have our first president since Franklin D. Roosevelt to die of natural causes while in office.

I believe that President Trump chose James Mattis because he thought Mattis' nickname sounded cool. After all, Mad Dog being on your resume is a bonus in Trump's eyes. I doubt Trump remembered his name an hour after they initially met.

A bit ironic that Mattis hates the nickname.

Rather than a person that fits such a moniker, Secretary Mattis is a thoughtful and well-disciplined man. He is a voracious reader, leads by example, and most importantly he is not a yes-man who will simply rubber-stamp what someone else decides.

His selection was one of the few decisions by the administration that I agreed with. Secretary Mattis will not frivolously endanger the men and women who bravely serve the United States across the world. He is, in my opinion, the adult in the room.

When I lie down to sleep, I must admit I sleep a little better knowing Secretary Mattis in on the job. I can only hope that Mattis was being polite, I would hope Trump keeps him awake at night too.