Adopted on December 12, 2015, the Paris agreement was a sign of hope for not just our nation, but the world. It was a sign that the world was recognizing the changes to our climate and coming together to do something about turning things around. The Paris Agreement offered hope for the world we would leave behind for our grandchildren and their children. It offered the possibility of a world with less pollution, and therefore a better place for future generations to inhabit for the long haul.

Trump’s Denial of The Proven Science

Either President Trump does not understand the science or he in fact, just does not care as revealed by his announcement on June 1, 2017, that he plans to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

Trump’s decision ignores the advice of several world leaders, corporate leaders, renowned scientists, and even Pope Francis.

What President Trump doesn’t seem to comprehend is that his actions will not only leave our environment at risk but our economy and our nation. President Trump is under the ill-advised belief that withdrawing from the Paris Agreement will create more jobs, but it will have quite the opposite effect. According to Unions of Concerned Scientists Alden Meyer, “contrary to what President Trump says, his action today will do absolutely nothing to boost the economy or create jobs; instead, it will harm the ability of U.S. companies and workers to compete in the rapidly growing global market for climate-friendly technologies.”

President Trump’s plan to withdraw from the Paris Agreement not only leaves our environment at risk, but it puts a shadow on the United States in the eyes of other governments and world leaders.

Previous Secretary of State, Nicholas Burns, was quoted earlier this year saying, “I think it would be a major mistake, even a historic mistake, to disavow the Paris deal… I can’t think of an issue, except perhaps NATO, where if the U.S. simply walks away, it would have such a major negative impact on how we are seen,” (Meyer).

So, what benefits does President Trump think our nation gain by withdrawing from the Paris Agreement? One cannot be sure. Perhaps the idea of pollution or becoming withdrawn from the rest of the world is something he sees in a positive light. It is clear he holds no value in science or the opinions of the intelligent people who have attempted to advise him since he went into office. We can only hope he sees the light and pulls a one-eighty before this goes too far.