"Harry Potter" is a phenomenon; there is not a child in this world who doesn't know this story. It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the first Book was published. With the movies, we had the pleasure of seeing these stories come alive on the big screen. But as would any book lover, I would definitely say that the books are infinitely better than the movies because of the rich detail.

20 things from the books that we did not see in the movies

1. S.P.E.W- Society for the Promotion of Elvish Welfare

Hermione created a society to end house elf cruelty and while no one, including the house elves really supported her, it was fun to see her knitting those socks and hats.

2. The Hogwarts Kitchen

Why did we never see where the scrumptious Hogwarts food was prepared? I for one would have given anything to see the house elves cooking all these delicious dishes because, if there is one thing I want to taste it is treacle tart.

3. Winky the House Elf

Movie-goers will never know that Winky, Barty Crouch’s house elf, was taking care of Voldemorts’ follower, Barty Crouch Jr. Winky was destroyed after her master set her free and ended up with a rather entertaining drinking problem.

4. The Quidditch World Cup

The book was packed with details about the shamrock covered tents and the treat carts full of food and trinkets. It would have been nice to see this and see Harry sitting in the Top Box with the Malfoy’s to watch the Quidditch Match of the century.

5. Harry and Ginny’s First Kiss

In the movies, this kiss took place in secrecy in the Room of Requirement. But in the books, Harry and Ginny share this moment of passion in front of everyone in the Gryffindor common room after they won a Quidditch match. I would have given anything to see Dean and Ron’s face in that situation.

6. Twins prank Umbridge

A portable swamp. A teleporting closet. A brigade of fireworks. The Weasley Twins are the duo to beat when it comes to tricks and anything that hurt Umbridge made me a very happy girl. And these tricks were a breath of fresh air compared to the seriousness surrounding the Wizarding world.

7. Peeves

A character completely ignored in the movies, Peeves the Poltergeist was the OG prankster.

It was his pass time to make everyone’s lives as miserable as possible.

8. Rita Skeeter and her Animagus

Rita Skeeter was a meddling, rather vile woman. After being banished from the grounds during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, she transformed into her illegal Animagus of a beetle to get the scoop. Justice was served to her in the end of course once Hermione caught her.

9. The Deathday Party

Ghosts and the Headless Huntsmen combined with stale rotting food? Count me in. This party was the 300th anniversary of the death of Sir Nick and it lived up to the ‘death’ day hype.

10. The Howler Dumbledore sent Petunia

Not much frazzles Petunia Dursley, but one round of yelling from Dumbledore reminding her to keep Harry safe changed her.

Maybe it was the hidden respect she held for Dumbledore or maybe she did not hate the magical community as much as it seemed. One may never know.

11. Firenze the Centaur

Who knew that a centaur taught Divination at Hogwarts? Only people who read the books. When Professor Trelawney was suspended by Umbridge, Dumbledore hires Firenze to teach and for once in Hogwarts history, students enjoyed the subject of Divination.

12. Messages in front of Harry’s old house

The most touching moment in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is when Harry and Hermione visit Godric’s Hollow. There they see the ruins of the Potter home and right in front of it is a board. On the board are heart-warming messages written to the Potter’s for their bravery in the fight against the Dark.

13. Harry and the Cruciatus Curse

If Hogwarts is Harry’s home than Professor McGonagall is like his mother. And Harry’s respect for her is seen when he performs the Cruciatus curse on Amycus Carrow for spitting at McGonagall. This loyalty is touching to even think about and would have been so powerful if shown on the big screen.

14. Kreacher the Black House Elf

The movies have portrayed Kreacher to be ungrateful and wild. What is hidden in the books is how Kreacher changed his feelings towards Harry and actually started to accept him. What we also don't see is Kreacher leading the Hogwarts house elves in the Battle of Hogwarts. This other side of Kreacher, the softer, more gentle side is sadly hidden.

15. What happens with the Elder Wand

In the books, instead of throwing it away like in the movie, Harry takes the wand to Dumbledore’s office and uses it to fix his own broken wand. He then lays the wand to rest with its last proper own, Dumbledore, and there the wand will forever rest in peace.

16. The Dursley’s and the Floo Network

When the Weasley’s decide to connect the Dursley’s electric fireplace to the Floo Network, a comedic mess emerges ending with Dudley having a 6-foot long tongue.

17. De-goming the garden

Ron may be ashamed of having magical house chores, but Harry relished it. Swinging garden gnomes across the fence made Harry realize that he does a family, a family with the Weasley’s.

A family where he could play around and be himself with no judgement.

18. First time Harry won the Quidditch Cup

This memory is so important to Harry that he uses it later on in the series to create a Patronus. Harry won the cup in his third year after losing to the most unfortunate circumstances the previous two years and this victory was a long time coming.

19. Snape’s Potion Puzzle

The protections set forth by the professors to protect the Sorcerer’s Stone were all clever in their own ways but the most clever one was not included in the movie. Snape had a riddle and only by solving the riddle could one pass through the fire and through to the stone.

And finally

20. The Goodbye between the Dursley’s and Harry

To call the relationship between Harry and the Dursley’s complicated would be an understatement.

The Dursley’s always resented Harry and the people and life he represented. However, when they finally parted in the last book, it was bittersweet. Dudley admitted that he never thought Harry was a waste of space and Harry, in that moment, fondly calls Dudley ‘Big D.’

But perhaps the most beautiful moment is when Petunia turns around and looks at Harry, perhaps wanting to say something, but walks away silently.

"Harry Potter" will hold a dear place in my heart, always.