The collective anti-Trump, anti-Republican rage of alt-left mainstream media is partially responsible for recent shootings and politically inspired violence, including the shooting of Republican Rep. Steve Scalise at a charity baseball game. The nonstop partisan assault against the president, police, Republicans, and anything considered politically conservative by a media embedded with Democrats has radicalized the left in America to a point that militants are tearing at the very social fabric of our nation.

Face it, U.S. media is bitterly partisan

Media’s bitter partisanship aimed at Trump, his “deplorable” supporters, and Republican politicians at large is akin to the vitriol they spread in anti-police stories that are creating no-go zones in neighborhoods akin to those in France and other European nations where law and order has broken down. Wednesday’s attack on congressional Republicans who were preparing for a charity ballgame has left Scalise and another man in critical condition.

Capitol police were able to kill shooter James Hodgkinson, a militant Bernie Sanders supporter who hated Trump, but not before he shot four people after asking someone if the players were Republicans or Democrats.

Daily heated left-wing commentary blasting Trump and Republicans in newspaper headlines, blaring across the big three TV news networks, and on cable stations like CNN and MSNBC have whipped up a powder-keg of hate with increasingly violent eruptions. Now, left-wing fanatics are taking shots at Congressional Republicans. Is a level of violent anarchy coming?

The media's Kathy Griffin style of journalism

The so-called news outlets that produce political hatred will duck and cover from any fallout that associates them with violence but it has become obvious that their relentless anti-Trump, anti-Republican tirades are encouraging violence. It is time for the American people to assign some of the blame to mainstream media for its bitterly partisan reporting that is encouraging unrest.

To be fair, left-wing celebrities like Kathy Griffin -- who tweeted a photograph of her holding an artist’s plastic rendition of Pres. Trump’s bloody head in the manner of an ISIS executioner -- does not help. Nor do left-wing theater companies portraying the violent stabbing of Trump in its plays, however, mainstream media’s incessant production of anti-Trump, pro-Democrat "news" in print and broadcast newsrooms is the 600-pound gorilla stomping through society that no one dares to address.

It is they who are planting the seeds of violence in the percolated minds of twisted fanatics like Hodgkinson. Whether it’s Snoop Dogg portraying the shooting of Trump or some Hollywood star inappropriately ranting about his or her left-wing politics on television, celebrities can be the public conduits for left-wing hate.

However, mainstream media -- whether it be ABC, NBC, CBC CNN, MSNBC or the New York Times -- is the master, bottle-feeding mindless left-wing militants.

The media's constant partisan drumbeat

The media’s constant anti-Trump and anti-Republican drumbeat is unprecedented in modern history. Whether the media is angry about its inability to secure the 2016 elections for Democrats or whether it's the darker symptom of discrimination against conservatives in hiring practices, the media has to be held accountable for the damage it is inflicting on American society. Just as college professors should encourage balanced political discourse aimed at allowing students to arrive at their own ideological conclusions, directors in newsrooms of what passes for mainstream media today should encourage introspection and political balance.

This will not happen unless enough Americans have the courage to call out the 600 pound gorilla with petitions, letters, online commentary, or by simply turning them off. We must demand a higher quality of journalism.