Nabra Hassanen was 17. She was, no is, beautiful. She is a victim of Road Rage they say. She is also the victim of a dysfunctional society. She is a sign of why our World needs a serious fix.

Muslim teen

This is Ramadan. It is now for many a tearful time. The account of the Washington Post is available here.

We truly live in a broken world when we allow almost anyone to drive vehicles with more lethal power than you can shake a stick at.

This is why we need some start-ups that will work to create a world where road rage is less likely. Sadly most of the big tech one-percenters are for the car.

Megyn Kelly bombs

There was a game show rerun. Then there was the highly touted interview with who? Oh, Alex Jones. This is a man I have never seen and have no desire to see. I think I was not alone. Jones is either a big liar who does not believe what he foists off on people or a truly evil human being who aids and abets falsehood in the world, along with others we could name.

Today the Web will light up with delighted stories of Megyn's downfall but I think it was her choice of a debut that did it.

The Trump-Jones show was already over before she proved it is old news.

Jon Ossoff

In Georgia, we are learning that for all the complaining about hard times people have millions to throw into a House race. Fifty million or so to be semi-exact. This is Newt Gingrich's old district, a place that was once safe for Gingrich-types.

But liberals are mightily irritated by Donald Trump and all those millions are being poured into what has become a battle of heavyweights.

Ossoff is probably right about biting his tongue.

There are tons of things to fault Trump on but unless the Democrats can come up with more than anti-Trump stuff, we will have more Trump or Pence or whoever the GOP decides to throw at us.

We are in deep

The three stories featured in this article happen to be of considerable interest, That is too bad in a way. The fate of a TV star is a passing thing in the scheme of life. Even the fate of a House race is of minor importance, but then people get stoked on results. But the worst and most pervasive story is the one that started this trio. We cannot continue to have a society enslaved by the endless flood of traffic and the ceaseless diminution of human beings.

The girl's assailant, no murderer, is exhibit A, We are a society that produces assailants.

We could create millions of jobs resurrecting the time when we actually had enough face-to-face counseling to make a bit of an impact on the troubled. Let's join in the tears and maybe think about a better future.