Fresh off the "covfefe" issue, US President Donald Trump is once again making headlines with his tweets. This time for his statements on the London Terror Attack, which recently happened last Saturday, June 3. Get to know what these declarations reveal about Trump and if these will actually help with the current concern on terrorism.

Trump tweets about London terror attack

Donald Trump went on another Twitter frenzy after the London incident. It started with what seemed to be a justification to push the travel ban, citing it as "an extra level of safety."

It was followed with another tweet.

So okay, he's concerned and would like to help the UK.

On Sunday morning, he posted more tweets. Here's one where the confusion sort of ensues.

What do the tweets reveal about Trump?

Now, looking at the string of tweets, many would say that Trump could be using the issue to thrust his proposed travel ban once again. Per CNN, the tweets are "pure Trump," the exact opposite of what has long been expected of a president.

In one tweet, he suggested that political correctness is accountable for the attack - something that could be considered a common Trump refrain from the past campaign period.

In another tweet about gun control, he mentioned that "they are silent because these attacks didn't involve guns." Ultimately, there's one statement where Trump bashes Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, for reportedly insisting that the people of London have "no reason to be alarmed."

What can the US President do to help?

For his critics, the tweets published will only make terrorism worse.

The proposed travel ban will be one way to assist mobilization efforts for the Islamic State, according to them.

It is seen that Donald Trump has yet to reveal a comprehensive master plan from his Administration to counter terrorism. According to Dexter Filkins of The New Yorker, in a Profile of Defense Secretary James Mattis, several officials are afraid that Trump will rant about terrorism in public, although he would privately entrust strategy to the military.

There are some U.S. military commanders who accepted an end to what they viewed as a type of micro management and risk aversion by the Obama White House, but they fear that the "inexperienced" Trump will become overly dependent on military force.

Let us know your opinion about Trump's recent tweets on the London incident and whether you agree with his critics.