democrats have historically moved to the right after winning presidential elections even though it was often a stylized political strategy more than a genuine come to Jesus moment. However, in recent history, the Democratic Party has staggered somewhat aimlessly to the left while chopping up its constituents to use as cut-bait for the support of various party factions.

White liberals getting squeezed by party politics

To that end, white liberals, once the voice of the party, have always followed the leader with the expectation that the Democratic Party meant no harm or insult to them, their values or their families.

Fast-forward to Pres. Bill Clinton’s controversial and troubled relationship with women and we have seen a quite different Democratic Party, one without a moral compass or any particular vision for the country outside of hostility for Republicans and "vast right-wing" conspiracies.

Radicalism lurks behind stage-left curtains

Today, the Democratic Party is positioned far left of center stage, too close to the stark curtains hiding radicalized segregationists with multicultural agendas that are turning Democrats against each other like inmates in a violent political asylum. Hillary Clinton could not keep that curtain completely closed during her campaign as she exacerbated party infighting and angered millions of Americans by calling them "deplorable" among other things.

Pres. Donald Trump was able to capitalize on the tension between the declining base of white liberals and other Democratic factions hoping to break glass ceilings placed over their cubicles by their own party leadership. *See DNC Tom Perez: "no room for pro-lifers in Democratic Party.

Democrats moved their platform further left twice during George Bush’s two terms to the point of calling for members of his administration to be jailed over the waterboarding of a couple of the worst radicalized Islamic inmates at GITMO.

Then along came the inexperienced newcomer Barack Obama guided by his spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright, who cursed America’s very existence in fits of recorded rage. Obama lacked the courage and conviction to even utter the words "Islamic Radicalism" in eight years as U.S. President. The apologetic left loved it, reelected Mr.

Obama, and pushed the party further left. In November, perhaps in response the glaring leftward tilt, America elected Donald Trump who had campaigned tirelessly against the politically correct agenda of an increasingly hostile Democratic Party. Since, the media, filled with Democrats as it is, has led the left in a mostly mindless assault against the Republican president - to no avail.

Party of obstruction and corruption

As surely as Obama has obstructed and corrupted American immigration law, Hillary found it necessary to appease the anti-police elements of her party in stark contrast to her husband’s Tough on Crime legislation that supported the hiring of thousands of additional police officers in the 90s.

All the while, the Democratic Party lumbered left embracing violence and anger in lieu of expressing a vision for America. While her husband spoke on the need to curtail illegal immigration during heis terms, Hillary embraced illegal immigration as a tool for gathering Latino votes, a pipe dream that did not materialize for her on November 8. Still, the continued beating of anti-Trump drums by a biased media pushed the party closer to the edge of stage-left where it teeters today.

Democratic infighting to worsen

Now he party is beginning to split apart as its politically-engineered segregation of internal groups turn into chopped-bait for a factions feeding frenzy . If Democrats continue to believe that violence and fear mongering will prevail over workable policy proposals in the view of most Americans it is a grievous political miscalculation that will haunt them in 2018 and beyond.