There is a thing called penitence that anyone can access via prayer. No one is beyond forgiveness. But the likes of Jack Posobiec happens to be serving the President. In fact, President trump is dependent for his stock of lies on Mr. Prosobiec.

So when the New York Times publishes a long and involved and generally hard-to-follow story about Jack, it is up to others to do the needed thing -- make this young man an example of the very worst in journalism, the poseur who fashions himself a rebel.

This is true Goebbels playbook stuff

I do not ordinarily indulge in comparisons with Nazi Germany because I lived through that war and grew up with all of the negative sentiments that were abroad back then.

I am over that now. I am even over animosity toward the subject of this article. I pity Jack and wish him a good rehabilitation.

Here is the full if difficult piece from the Times that illuminates the perfidy of this young man

Politics is demeaned by the common belief that all is fair because it is just politics. The Times should have branded this a lie and named the perpetrator in the headline.

Trump passed the lie on

The lie should have tied it to Trump in the headline. Read the story. We are being subjected to Big Lie politics and it needs to stop. The immorality of it is palpable and its evil is seeking a foothold everywhere.

The truth is that Mr. Comey never “said under oath that Trump did not ask him to halt any investigation.” Quite the opposite. Trump wanted Comey to drop the investigation.


If Trump followers are evangelical they may have some acquaintance with the ethics of the person they call Lord. In the face of lies, Jesus did not resist.

But he had a good deal to say about decency and goodness and honesty and I doubt that he would approve of the actions of Mr. Posobiec. I doubt that Mr. Trump is repentant.

Much of the world gets taken in by the big lie

The big lie has been the chosen tactic of the GOP and was conspicuous in the Kerry campaign. Swift Boating became a synonym for the big lie.

It was perfected by Lee Atwater during the time when he used its tactics on Dukakis. Since then civility in politics has been seen as a naive hope, not a realistic expectation. The fact is the nation has accepted the big lie as normal. That is a terrible thing to admit. There can be no other explanation.

What can be done?

Lying on the scale of Mr. Posobiec and Mr. Trump should qualify as a reason for disqualifying both from the professions they profess to follow. We do not need a confirmed liar in the White House. There is no justification for it. If Mr. Mueller's investigation shows that Trump is there on the basis of fraud and chicanery, then he may be gone. If not, then the chorus of "liar, liar" must be raised until it registers on those who are responsible for having given this man power in the first place.