Your sting can be deadly and you have the ability to hurt others with only a word. You are prone to forget the world is around you, which leads to pretty unlucky situations. Fortunately, you also have the ability to forgive on an ever deepening level, as this is the nature of your personality.


Today I urge you to take a moment to stop and rethink a situation that is ahead of you and to ask yourself whether the decision you have taken lately is in your best interest or not. After all, we are all human and might make bad decisions from time to time.

This is basically the time for you to reconstruct a few things you have broken down and make it into what you desire them to be. You will not be happy unless you work hard for it. You need to be able to smile again after so many stressful days. First, you should open up to the people around you. Sharing that wellspring of knowledge that you have inside can create new friendships and help you to be a part of the community.

If you are looking for romance, this is just the right time to do so, because you have found all the characteristics you need in one particular person that you are interested in. Do not be afraid to take the first step. If you are married, it is time to rekindle the love you had when you first met.

You both deserve a new boost of love and happiness. If there is one thing that you totally dislike, it is people who invade your space and privacy. This is unacceptable for you on all levels. You command your space and your permission is needed to cross its borderline. However, it would be wise to give some space to others in your world, so that everyone can get to know you a bit better.


You cannot stand to see things wasted in any form, so you make sure that every single cent is spent in the area that it is supposed to go. You are very prudent with Money, but others do not always share your thoughts or ideas on this matter. This can cause some friction in certain quarters, especially with your close family.

Look at the brighter side of life for a while, let go the strict control you have attached to money and see if you can live without so many rules. You can work on new rules with those who live with you to make spending a bit less stressful.

This is a great time to invest in stocks and bonds if you are looking for long term returns. It is also a good time to enter a game of chance, the odds are in your favor and it will give you that extra cash for a well deserved holiday. Whatever you do today, please release the urge to be in control of all the financial matters in your home. Others might want to show you that they have the aptitude to work magic with it, just as much as you do. It is time to give them a vote of confidence or at least to hear what they have to say. If you feel they need assistance, then be gentle in giving your advice by all means