Welcome to Grey-Sloan Memorial where you see relationships breaking and mending more than you see actual medicine. Throughout the shows' 13 seasons, "Grey's Anatomy" has produced couples that are memorable and whose stories may bring tears to your eyes. The following list contains spoilers for those who are not far into the series so be warned.

10. Callie and Arizona

Callie Torres always seemed to have a rocky love life whether it was impulsively marrying George or having a baby with her ex, Mark. However, when Callie got together with pediatric attending Arizona Robbins, fans believed she had found the one.

And she did, for a few seasons at least.

But everything started to crash when Arizona left for Africa and Callie found out she was pregnant with Mark's child. Arizona lost her leg and Callie had to make the decision to make the cut. Arizona cheated on Callie with a visiting surgeon. And worst of all, the custody battle between the two for Sofia became incredibly difficult at times. They just never seemed to be able to work it out and this is why their couple is at the bottom of this list.

9. Izzie and Denny

Yes, Isabelle Stevens and Denny Duquette are iconic. The earlier seasons of the show produced some unforgettable patient storylines and Denny was no exception. A cardiac patient who initially came in for a heart transplant, Denny immediately fell for Izzie.

Their cute flirtation seemed to end once Denny left the hospital a seemingly healthy man but perhaps their chemistry was too good not to explore.

After coming back to Seattle Grace because of a medical complication, Denny and Izzie were slowly falling in love and Izzie would do anything to save him. Things were at an all time high when Izzie cut his LVAD wire to get him a transplant heart and Denny asked her to marry him.

But in the world of Shonda Rhimes, happiness is rarely found and we saw that when Denny died of a stroke that very day. While this is a beautiful love story, we just never saw enough of it for it to be higher on this list.

8. Jackson and April

It is always beautiful to see friends fall in love. April and Jackson came into the show as Mercy West interns and they grew on me.

No one thought they would get together until that fateful night before their medical board exams. As with any couples, they had their differences but they worked through them. With Jackson an atheist and April a devout Christian, they were bound to have problems but they actually battled them pretty well. However, the loss of their firstborn hit them hard and they were never the same. But no one will ever forget Jackson declaring his love for April at her wedding and running away to get married.

7. Mark and Addison

Arguably two of the best characters in the show, Mark Sloan and Addison Montgomery were the ones that should have been, at least in the second and third seasons. Their on-screen chemistry sizzled and everyone could see that Mark truly loved Addison and would have done anything to be with her, including refraining from being with another woman for 60 days.

Fans had to be surprised when it was Addison who broke the sex-fast with Alex. But what was really heartbreaking is that Mark saw Addison break the pact and then, to save her the guilt, told her he broke it. One can always imagine what it could have been like if Addison and Mark got together because it could have been one hell of a story.

6. Bailey and Ben

Miranda Bailey is the definition of a strong, dedicated woman. Bailey is one of the cornerstones of the show and I personally hated the way she was treated with her ex-husband Tucker. When Bailey found Ben, her initial hesitation, and her nerves were something every woman could relate too. The beauty of Bailey and Ben was the way they accepted each other and supported each other on every journey.

The simplicity of their relationship is what makes them memorable.

5. Teddy and Henry

In a time when the show seemed to be struggling a little with their patient arcs, we are introduced to Henry. Initially, the two only got married as a way for Henry to get health insurance as he had Von Hippel-Lindau. Their initial friendship was beautiful to watch because it was light and funny and elevated the mood of the show. Slowly but surely, Henry began to fall for Teddy and soon enough she reciprocated his feelings. Their romance was short-lived though, as Henry died during a tumor resection and those walls of the OR haunted Teddy till the end.

4. Alex and Jo

If we look at character development, Alex Karev is the most beautiful transformation to watch.

Originally an emotionless bully who only cared about himself, Alex turned into a caring pediatric surgeon who would do anything for the ones he loved. And his relationships made him that way. When Alex fell in love with the new intern, Jo, he finally seemed to find a partner with whom he could be with himself and completely free. And yes, there was so much drama in Season 13, but after all these years Alex deserved true love and even if wavered at the end, they are still an amazing couple.

3. Cristina and Owen

Cristina Yang always had a thing for authority figures and we saw that with her engagement with Preston Burke. Cristina and Burke were a wholesome dynamic to watch and would have definitely been Number 11 in this list but Cristina and Owen Hunt were unique.

From the way they met to the way they parted, there was a level of understanding that is difficult to replicate. Cristina helped Owen get through her PTSD and Owen supported her throughout her issues. Perhaps they weren't meant to be together, but when they were, they completed each other.

2. Lexie and Mark

If there was a love story to end more tragically, I think my heart would give in. Mark fell for Little Grey even though he was forbidden from doing so and what started as an unrealistic relationship became one of the best love stories in "Grey's Anatomy" history. With their vast age difference came many problems such as Mark being the father of Callie's baby and then becoming a grandfather.

Lexie never wanted all this, she only wanted Mark but she realized she would deal with it if it meant she could be with Mark. But it was too late because Mark was in love with Julia but one day Lexie blurted it out and it is one of the most beautiful speeches in "Grey's Anatomy" history. But sadly, Lexie died in the season finale of season 8 and Mark soon after that. However, they loved each other till their dying breaths.

1. Meredith and Derek

She was the girl in the bar. He was McDreamy. And that's all you need to know. From pain to love, kids to accidents, a candle house to an elevator proposal, Meredith and Derek are hands down the best couple on "Grey's Anatomy". And even though Derek is dead, their love still lives on and Meredith will never forget her epic love.

This show is rooted on these two and everything they did together was heart-wrenching. Their post-it wedding made us believe in unconventional love and the tumor on the wall shed light to how perfectly they fit together, almost like puzzle-pieces. Never will anyone forget the love these two shared because there will never be anyone like them again.

"Grey's Anatomy" has everything you would ever need in a TV show and more.