Liberals were just having a field day after a bizarre tweet coming from President trump. The president's Critics were fast to pick on him after a midnight message came across on his Twitter feed in which he pushed back against "negative press" with "covfefe." Another Tweet came out later asking if someone could figure out the true meaning of this "covfefe." Some of us are trying to figure that out ourselves, to be truthful. But as bizarre as trying to figure out what "covfefe" is, it's nowhere near as tasteless as holding up the bloodied head of the President of the United States.

Let's razz 'covfefe'

While many are trying to figure out what message Trump was trying to get across with 'covfefe,' comedians have wasted no time picking on him for it. Jimmy Kimmel has regretted that he'll never say anything as funny as this 'covfefe' thing, whatever it is. The Merriam Webster Dictionary couldn't even find a definition for this strange word. They just simply tweeted what they think the president did after finding the word on his Twitter page. Indeed, a lot of people across the country are probably trying to figure out what Trump was trying to say and what 'covfefe' is. People who don't like the president are presumably discussing his latest Twitter bungle in private, discussing how much it makes him unqualified to be Commander-in-Chief.

Let's not forget Kathy

As strange as "covfefe" may sound, whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be any sort of an instigation to violence. Unlike the firestorm comedian Kathy Griffin has gotten herself into. In all the style and glory of an ISIS fighter holding up his favorite trophy for the whole world to see, Griffin has gotten herself into some hot water with a picture of herself holding up the bloodied, decapitated head of Mr.

Trump. While a lot of liberals have said plenty of foolish things regarding this president, this is apparently something that can't be defended. Anderson Cooper has even said he can't defend Griffin after this. CNN has now given her the axe, no pun intended. A lot of people were wondering what would have happened if someone had held up the blooded head of former President Barack Obama.

Well, thankfully, Griffin isn't getting any special treatment or getting away with anything after the horrible picture surfaced.

It's going to get ugly

President Trump went on a Twitter tirade over Griffin's decapitated head picture. He's gone on tirades against other critics in the past. Scuffles between Trump and liberals picking on him have become entertainment fodder for many in America. And let's all remember we're not even one year into this presidency. The first 100 days have come and gone, and one thing we've seen is a lot of entertainment coming from not only President Trump but his political opponents. With an approval rating in the low 40 percent range, there are plenty of reasonable issues to be upset with Trump over.

To be fair to this president, he has done plenty of good in his first few months. The Supreme Court is taking a more positive turn, dropping MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan without killing any civilians was a magnificent feat, and deportations of (some) illegal immigrants are way up. Not to mention, he has given us one of the most gorgeous women in a first family. But there are other reasons people may have hang-ups about Trump's performance thus far. One of those may be his demeanor, especially with his catfights and some of his attention-grabbing tweets. Other issues such as his failure to repeal the disaster that is Obamacare, his failure to get funding for the border wall, and deteriorating relations with countries like Germany are other good ones.

But for God's sake, his opponents should have a lower approval rating than he does. Obviously, Congress has a lower approval rating than Trump has. Trump's critics, both Democrat and Republican, have a lower approval rating than he has. But the entertainment industry? The women's march? People protesting America getting tougher on illegal immigration? Give me a break, guys.

What does the future hold?

Kathy Griffin making a fool of herself may be only the first of many incidents we see in the coming years. Some of these loose cannons who hate this president blindly, and in many cases. irrationally, are going to give America plenty of reason to pay attention to politics. It's going to be a wild ride, folks.