As humans, we often find ourselves divided over many topics in many areas, from politics to what we call our soft drinks. For many, the debate over what animal species makes the best household pet can become rather heated and is often a common area for debate. Dogs or Cats. There may not be a clear answer as to which is the better species, but it is clear to see that both have solid claims working in their favor.

Dogs are the better species

In a recent study conducted by the Associated Press, it was found that 74% of people preferred dogs to cats.

There are many reasons for why that many Americans would feel this way about our four legged friends. For many dogs are found to be fun and affectionate, as well as being good defenders and family members. It is not hard to see why many would like dogs, as they can serve many purposes, not only as a friend but also a defender of the family and the household. Dogs have an abundance of love to give and never seem to tire of spending time with their humans. They can easily be seen as the better species because they are loyal and don't mind showing their vast amounts of affection.

But wait, I think cats are better

While the study found that only 41% of the people asked preferred cats, there still is plenty who find this feisty feline to be the better breed.

For one, it is easy to argue they are better because there is a whole day devoted to them. Cats may not always be the most affectionate of animals, but for some, this is a positive, because they can enjoy an animal and not have to worry about being slobbered to death with kisses. Cats tend to be a mild-mannered animal who will keep to themselves, but still let it be known their love, which to some may be in a more manageable way than dogs.

Also, there smaller size can often be seen as a positive situation, especially for those in smaller homes or who are on a tight budget, because cats do not need much space to live and be happy.

So, which breed is better?

It is hard to say, as both dogs and cats have pluses and minuses. It all comes down to which you prefer, as does many things we tend to argue about as humans.

Both animals have great hearts and want to please you, but it comes down to which form of affection you like. A dog who will slobber on you and get underfoot, but meaning it in love, or a cat which may not always show affection but you know it appreciates you. Both breeds are amazing in their own Ways, so it may be a debate that is never solved.