#Democrats and #Republicans are known to disagree on most maters, but with the firing of #James Comey yesterday, it seems that there has been some bipartisan support for an independent investigation into the matter.

Comey was fired by President Donald Trump over – apparently – his muddled handling of the Clinton private email server investigation which swayed the 2016 US election. Which of course is nonsense. Trump, in one of tweets in October, praised #Comey's actions at the time.

Many suspect that the real reason #Comey was fired is that he requested more funds for the #Russia investigation.

Yes, that’s right, the one that could reveal a possible Trump-Russia plot to work together for whatever means possible to sway the US election.

In firing Comey, #President Donald Trump has been seen to be meddling with the Russia investigation – and indeed it does seem that the President does have something to hide from the American public, the least being his pride. Whatever President Trump's motive, we will certainly need an independent investigation into the matter, as Lawmakers such as John McCain and Justin Amash (Republicans) as well as Tammy Baldwin and Richard Blumemthal (Democrats) have requested.